Former Disney Cast Member creates Storybook Style Journal for Cast Members

Lindsey Ward Steiner is launching her brand new journal, “Memories of Magic ”, Available at Amazon. More information is available at Amazon:

Former Disney Cast Member Lindsey Ward Steiner is launching Her Brand New Journal, “Memories of Magic “. The journal will go live December 9th, on Amazon and is expected to become a big hit with Cast Members past and present.

More information on the journal can be found here :

This is the fourth journal Lindsey Ward Steiner has authored, designed and published. The journal was created so that Cast Members could record their own personal stories of working for the theme parks. “As Cast Members, we often spend our days engaged in storytelling. Perhaps we enter a guest’s story by snapping a picture of them in front of the castle, or by expounding on the whereabouts of Mickey Mouse,” Lindsey explained. “I think it’s important when you are a Cast Member to remember your own story, too. The magic that you help make every day is literally kept alive by your distinct participation in it, these memories are precious and timeless.”

There’s also particular excitement about this launch because two versions of the journal have been created. The first displays a stunning gold castle towering over a bokeh layered cover; the second features a pirate ship sailing towards adventure. The author created this with the hopes that as Cast Members recall and record their stories, they would experience beauty, humor and healing in their own stories.

Memories of Magic sets its main focus on Cast Member’s unique personal experience. Writers will likely find a particular interest in the special “storybook” format of the journal. Which contains a blank Table of Contents, useful to organize and title the “chapters” of their own journey before writing them out on the pages thereafter (which are also blank and set up in chapter book form). The book’s cover art was created by Lindsey Ward Steiner and Memories of Magic is being released through her company Lin and Lo Design Co.

Lindsey Ward Steiner was a former Disney Cast Member and performer. She owns Lin and Lo Design Company and works as a graphic designer, event designer, and publisher. Lindsey’s personal experience at the theme parks helped shape the creation of the journals. “When I got the job, I remember knowing that my life was about to change, but I could have never guessed the path I would walk. I was wisely advised in the beginning to write everything down. I didn’t do it nearly enough, so it is quite redemptive to go back and do so now.”

When asked about why she created the journal, Lindsey said: “Our stories have the power to inspire and heal, and now more than ever, they need to be told.”

Lindsey has hopes that the journal will be something Cast Members can look back on for the rest of their lives and treasure.

In a recent interview, the author made a point of thanking Holly Gallagher who inspired her to create this journal for other people saying: “I am grateful to Holly, for helping me sort out my own story and encouraging me to help others do the same.”

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