Forex Cryptocurrencies Training Home Business Network Opportunity Launched

Epic Trading has launched a home and internet-based business opportunity. They are teaching individuals to trade the Forex and Cryptocurrencies. Interested parties may register for a webinar.

Epic Trading company has launched a home-based business opportunity for teaching individuals to trade FOREX and Cryptocurrencies. The company teaches individuals the skill set to master making money in the fast-paced world of currency trading.

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The launch of this program was prompted after the management was contacted by several pilots who were in danger of losing their positions and needed to learn to replace their income. The traders at Epic Trading decided to create a training program that would teach others when to buy, sell, and hold positions in the currency markets. Individuals equipped with this skill can earn substantial sums of money in a short period.

This Forex signals & training platform also contains a network marketing aspect that is designed to produce an additional stream of income. The company provides a corporate address in the US state of Nevada on its website. Epic Trading was founded by David McCovy. McCovy appears to have first found success in 5Linx, having risen to the Senior Vice President rank in 2014.

The main trading product Epic Trading markets is the “Epic Scholar”, a forex training platform. Epic Scholar subscribers are provided with trade alerts, trading sessions, fundamental analysis, and market forecasts. Epic Trading International, LLC is not providing investment advice as all trade signals are delivered to all participants uniformly without regard to an individual’s trade objectives, financial condition, or suitability. Epic Trading International, LLC does not exercise trading authority over members trades.

This forex trading school opened the doors on October 1, 2020, and already has over 50,000 members in just two weeks. Every student is given a two-week syllabus that helps them earn while they learn the fundamentals of the market. All students will be trained by seven and eight-figure traders, who will watch the students place trades on the market. The company is also giving out free trades daily as students learn to master the FOREX market.

During the launch, the company is conducting three live sessions daily with coaches. The program is suitable for any place on earth there is internet conductivity and the business can be operated on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

A company spokesman shared, “We strongly recommend that all prospective members interested in our referral compensation program join as an Epic Scholar first to experience the platform and its services personally before deciding to participate as an independent business owner within the company.”

As this opportunity is launched Epic is including trading instruction and live sessions where questions and feedback may be shared openly. The company’s goal is to equip all its clients with the necessary information t be able to successfully trade Forex and Cryptocurrencies.

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