Forest Hill Smart Home Systems For Centralized Lighting HVAC Control Launched

Sydenham-based company C. Hurst Electrical Contractors launches their Loxone Smart Home installation services to deliver both luxury and energy cost savings to homes in Forest Hill and beyond.

An industry leader in London, C. Hurst Electrical Contractors launches their smart home installation services for clients in and around Forest Hill. The smart home systems feature Loxone technology.

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The newly launched services provide homeowners with centralized control over their lighting, heating, security, audio, blinds and more through the installation of the Loxone Mini Server. The interconnected system offers a host of benefits.

Luxury is the first thing that comes to mind when people talk about smart homes. Indeed, the company’s smart home installation services deliver the ultimate in convenience and comfort with its easy operation through a switch, a remote control, or an app on the homeowner’s smartphone. The same function may also be accessed through a wall-mounted tablet display.

The biggest benefit of a Loxone Smart Home, however, stems from its ability to respond to its environment. The system is designed to monitor things like lighting, temperature, and security, then trigger an appropriate response, such as brightening or dimming of the lights, turning up or lowering of the heating system, and alerting the homeowner when there are security breaches.

Because of the said features, investing in the company’s smart home systems can also bring energy cost savings. Automatic adjustments to the home lighting and HVAC system can significantly reduce electricity consumption, not to mention that it also helps keep a comfortable environment within the home year-round.

Based in Sydenham, South East London, C. Hurst Electrical Contractors is a Loxone partner with over two decades of experience in a wide range of electrical services. They are a NICEIC-certified company capable of providing the latest technologies in LED lighting, smoke alarms, security systems, emergency lighting, as well as data cable installation and rewiring.

Homeowners interested in Loxone Smart Home installations and the company’s other electrical services may visit the above website for more information.

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