Forbes featured marketing company launches Certified Automotive Digital Marketer

Digital marketing mastery intensive will teach students to be highly-paid, in-demand marketing pros in 12 weeks.

Rico Glover, who is known in the digital marketing industry as “The Social Media Superman”, has announced teaching new digital marketing mastery course.

Most industries that entail the handling of high ticket items involve professional designations. For instance, real estate agents are required to take and pass a state or national course or some form of training before they begin carrying out their duties.

According to Rico Glover, digital marketing expert, the automotive industry is the second highest purchase most Americans behind. In fact, automotive purchases in America trail behind real estate purchases in the scale of most common expensive investments and purchases. “Most automotive dealerships aren’t properly training their sales and marketing teams with a uniformed certification,” said Glover.

According to Glover, “The new automotive economy consists of building an in-house certified automotive digital marketing team. Companies like Caravana and Truecar have changed the landscape forever. There’s no turning back, and dealers have to adapt or die. Ask the former executives at Blockbuster what they would do differently regarding Netflix’s emergence. They would have taken it seriously, and they would have adapted appropriately. If you put 100 automotive professionals in a room, 20 will jump at this new way of automotive sales and marketing. The other 80 will complain and take no action. The 80/20 rule works even if the facts are in plain view. I’m not just a trainer and speaker, I’m a car salesman. No car deal, no check. I’m going on four years in this position; if what I say and train didn’t move metal, I would be out of a job. ‘Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t lie.’ Those are my favorite words from self made millionaire Jay Z. And the numbers are the only thing I look at.”

Rico Glover is a Facebook beta tester, co-author, and creator of Faceviders, the Facebook version of YouTubers, and a Certified Digital Marketer trainer.

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