For Cooking, Baking and BBQ Grilling: Introducing GoNova Silicone Oven Mitts

Heat-resistant Silicone Oven Mitts from GoNova Home & Living provide superior protection for hands and forearms while cooking, baking or grilling on the BBQ. They also make fantastic gifts for friends and family. GoNova Oven Mitts are now available for purchase on

GoNova Home & Living announced today that its new kitchen product – Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Mitts – is now available to consumers. Home chefs, baking enthusiasts and BBQ lovers searching for a pair of premium oven mitts can now purchase GoNova Oven Mitts online at

These silicone oven mitts are designed to provide heat protection up to 445° F. Their waterproof silicone exterior also protects against boiling liquids and hot steam. They are perfect for the home cook when dealing with hot bakeware, roasting pans and skillets, or when grilling on the barbeque. The non-slip, textured and flexible silicone surface assures a solid, firm grip when handling cooking appliances. GoNova Oven Mitts are sized to conveniently fit the hands of both women and men, and their 11.5-inch length also protects the forearms. Compared to traditional fabric mitts, GoNova Oven Mitts offer a higher level of heat protection, stain resistance, increased durability and a longer working life.

For added comfort and protection, GoNova Oven Mitts feature quilted cotton linings. Silicone-only cooking mitts and gloves can often become damp inside due to clammy hands that makes taking off and putting back on difficult. The soft inner cotton linings of GoNova Oven Mitts ensure that they are always easy to wear.

Made with FDA approved, BPA free, food grade silicone, these oven mitts are hygienic, food-safe and non-absorbent. Besides protection while cooking, baking and BBQ grilling, they are also useful for holding and carving hot foods since the exterior silicone can be simply rinsed under the kitchen tap or easily cleaned with soap and water.

GoNova Oven Mitts look good too. The striking, black and white polka dot design of the cotton fabric shows clearly through the unique transparent silicone exterior. Their contemporary look will make them a terrific addition to any kitchen.

GoNova Home & Living provides a one-year replacement warranty from date of purchase against defects in oven mitt materials and workmanship.

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