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A Sydney podiatrist explains how he applies Orthotics and Trigenics® to help people recover pain-free mobility after living with lower-limb-related issues.

Orthotics vs Trigenics® for lower-limb-related health problems.

Lower limb issues don’t always manifest themselves as foot pain or leg pain, but a host of pain and injury-related health issues can be traced back to the feet and lower limbs. Those who have done some research into foot pain may have come across orthotics (specialised inner soles) and some may have encountered the term “Trigenics®” when it comes to corrective measures. A Sydney podiatrist explains how he applies these two treatment approaches to help people recover pain-free mobility after living with lower-limb-related health issues.

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Orthotics is used to relieve symptoms. Although some people may see orthotics as a solution in themselves, Mark Lin, director at The Footwork Clinic, says they’re just a stopgap. “Orthotics help to accommodate symptoms and the way people use their feet, but only for as long as they are worn. Everybody likes the freedom to go barefoot, so they are really a temporary measure that can help to give relief until the real problems have been dealt with. For us, it is just the basic level of care when dealing with musculoskeletal problems in the feet and legs.”

Custom-made orthotics are prescribed by podiatrists and these medical insoles will form part of Lin’s treatment programs when appropriate. Indeed, his clinic supports cutting-edge 3-D scanners that will aid in the production of fully customised in-shoe supports. They will assist with pain relief and can prevent the further deterioration of certain conditions affecting the feet and legs.

However, to help people move better, function better and increase sports performance, he is adamant that the physiological problems themselves can be addressed through podiatry as well as the use of a unique treatment system termed Trigenics®.

Trigenics® is a neurological assessment, treatment and training system. Although Lin makes use of traditional podiatry in his practice, his openness to new methods has led him to become the first Australian podiatrist to employ Trigenics® in his treatment programs. This system enables him to perform neurological muscle assessments that will point the way to a treatment program that reprograms the way the nervous system communicates with muscles.

“Scrambled neurological messages can cause tight or weakened muscles as they try to compensate for past injuries. Unfortunately, once the nervous system ‘learns’ these responses, it must unlearn them before the muscles and tendons are able to work correctly. Using Trigenics®, it is possible to assess the degree to which neurological inhibition is affecting movement, pointing the therapist towards a treatment program that will unlock full functionality,” he explains.The treatment itself combines resisted exercises as well as stimulation of nerves as well as specialised breathing techniques and Lin says that he achieves much greater and faster results since making use of Trigenics® in his practice. “Unlike Orthotics, Trigenics® creates REAL CHANGES in the body by helping us to work with the patient to correct the neurological factors that are affecting functionality and movement.”

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A visit to a Musculoskeletal Podiatrist is the first step in the right direction. Lin advises a visit to the podiatrist as part of standard healthcare consultations. “Being proactive about your health should include a consultation with a podiatrist before you experience discomfort,” he says. “By the time pain manifests itself, permanent damage may have been done. There is no need to wait for problems to arise so that you receive a referral. The Footwork Clinic is happy to evaluate your lower limb and foot health – and if treatment is required, early detection ensures that a less intensive and shorter treatment program corrects problems that could otherwise plague you for a lifetime.”

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