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Lisa Tremont Ota, the experienced dietitian and nutritionist, has launched a new healthy eating book called The Sacred Art of Eating. It showcases the spiritual and physical benefits of plant based living and how to eat with integrity.

A new healthy living food book has launched called The Sacred Art of Eating, by Lisa Tremont Ota, who is a registered dietitian and nutritionist with degrees in nutrition and spirituality. Because of this, she has unique insight into the relationship between people and the food they eat, and her book is an exploration of this.

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Lisa explains that her passion about the unbreakable links between food and spirituality is the result of over twenty years of academic, professional and personal exploration. Lisa has spoken on a regular basis about the benefits of a plant based lifestyle, and has long believed that something deep and unrecognized courses through people’s decisions about food.

In 1996, she pursued a Master of Arts degree in Culture and Creation Spirituality, and it was here that she began to understand the principles of co-creation. She went on to work as a Shamanic Soul Coach, with certifications from the Integrative Arts Institute in Oakland, California.

On her SacredExploration site, Lisa discusses how it was here that she developed an understanding of how to work with the many parts of the body and spirit to tap into the power of transformation on a number of different levels.

In her book, The Sacred Art of Eating, she emphasises the importance of eating well, and asks whether readers have ever considered their relationship with food. This is because what people eat impacts more than just their physical wellbeing.

The book takes the reader on a journey that brings them into deeper understanding about what it means to be a human dependent upon food for life. The concept of the book is based on entertaining as much as it educates, and offers readers a list of practical nutrition guidelines to follow.

Through guiding readers through the journey of planning and preparing meals, enjoying them, and cleaning up after a dinner gathering, the book presents a pathway towards wholesome living.

Full details can be found on the URL above, where the book is available for a limited time pre-order discount.

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