Food Industry Manufacturing Consultant Authors Book on Contract Negotiation

Will Madden, lead contract negotiator for Right Brain Consulting, releases new book navigating the complexities of sourcing a co-man or co-packer in the food industry.

Food product manufacturing consultant Will Madden of Right Brain Consulting has authored a book addressing the complexities of sourcing a co-manufacturer or co-packer. The book is titled “Separating the Con Man From the Co Man: How to Source a Contract Manufacturer” and is now available both in Kindle and paperback.

Madden first got the idea to write this book when he saw a terrible contract one a client had signed. Madden asked the client why he would ever enter into such a disadvantageous contract. The client had no clue that what the co-manufacturer was asking for wasn’t customary. Madden knew then that there was a huge need for education on the topic of contract negotiation, including what to expect from a good contract and how to find a decent co-manufacturer.

Madden’s book describes how to find a co-manufacturer or co-packer, how to put your best foot forward when negotiating a deal and how to protect yourself from unfair arrangements. The book is written for companies new to the food industry, including new food product developers who may already have a relationship with a co-man or co-packer but who are unsure if the contract is fair or unfair.

Madden says, “It is the company’s hope the book helps new food product companies to get on a more level playing field with their co-man or co-packer. The book empowers food companies to recognize when they have a good deal so they can preserve that relationship, but the company’s hope is that it enables food companies to recognize unfair arrangements before they sign a bad contract so that disreputable co-manufacturers can’t take advantage of their lack of experience or knowledge.

“Information about sourcing a contract manufacturer is hard to find,” Madden says. “The competition is stiff; good co-mans and co-packers are everyone’s best kept secret. Marketing companies don’t want consumers to know that they don’t make their own products. Because of this, co-mans and co-packers can’t really advertise and give examples of what they do.”

Madden’s book, “Separating the Con Man From the Co Man: How to Source a Contract Manufacturer,” is available on Amazon.

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