Food IgG Dried Blood Spot Test Added to Lab Tests Plus Lineup

The Food IgG test has recently been added to the extensive list of tests offered from Lab Tests Plus for patients looking to order unique tests not often performed by many mainstream clinicians.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that approximately 30,000 Americans seek medical attention in emergency rooms due to a food allergy every year. Food allergies and sensitivities are an often under diagnosed problem in medicine. Many mainstream doctors don’t either recognize the physical (or mental) manifestations of food sensitivities or disagree with the science. Most people focus just on typical food allergies mediated through the immune chemical called IgE, but there are a host of other immune and biochemical reactions that occur to foods.

This Food IgG finger prick blood test is a convenient way to assess for over 90 different potential adverse food reactions. IgG is an immune chemical that indicates immune sensitivity to a particular food. IgG reactions can stress the immune system leading to inflammation in the body. People with multiple IgG food reactions often suffer from various digestive complaints such as bloating, gas and stool changes, i.e. constipation or loose stools. Headaches, skin problems, joint discomfort, and body pain can be associated with elevated IgG reactions to food. Doctors often use this test to evaluate for food sensitivity reactions such as gluten sensitivity.

Dr. Kurt Woeller states, “The Food IgG test is a critical test to improving overall health. Food Allergies can affect many different areas of someone’s life, including neurological issues like headaches, sinus and mucus production, poor sleep, poor focus, joint discomfort and of course, gut and intestinal issues. Anyone suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) or SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), or any of the issues listed above should consider Food IgG testing. Eliminating foods that are intolerable can immediately improve overall health and quality of life.”

There has been an overwhelming response by patients as well for the efficacy and the ease of use. Patient Brian Fredrick states, “I thought I had post-nasal drip for most of my adult life. I took all types of medications, both over the counter and prescribed, for allergies and sinus issues. A physician recommended that I do a food allergy test and I discovered I had a severe allergy to milk, yogurt and cheese, which I ate almost daily. When I cut these foods out, my sinus issues went away and my mental focus immediately improved. I no longer have to take any medications at all, and I feel significantly better.”

Lab results, a Doctor’s review of test results, and a Doctor’s recommendation for a course of action based on your personalized results are all included in the Food IgG test

Labs Tests Plus was created in order for patients to have access to a plethora of tests not typically utilized by mainstream clinicians. This website offers Doctor reviewed, Specialty Lab tests sent direct to the patient, without a Doctor’s visit. For more information or to order any of the test on Lab Tests please visit their website.

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