Food Delivery Service Jacksonville Beach FL. Announced. $2-$3 Flat Fee Pricing

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Slash your food delivery cost with flat free pricing! Pay $2-$3 vs 20%-30%+ for restaurant, grocery delivery in Jacksonville Beach FL. Learn more or call 312-218-4347.

A new, restaurant food and grocery delivery service in Jacksonville Beach, FL is announced and prepared to take the industry by storm.

Trip Technologies Inc boasts that it is the first disruptive and innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of ride-share technology. Trip’s platform is rideshare and delivery service re-imagined.

Now the company aims to take a bite out of the booming food delivery service space with their new restaurant and grocery delivery service known as TripDelivers. Learn more about TripDelivers here – After months of testing, the TripDelivers app is now available for restaurant sign up for consumer food delivery in Jacksonville Beach, FL. The service was designed to provide an alternative delivery solution that does not take advantage of restaurants struggling to stay in business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While well-known restaurant and grocery delivery service companies charge between 20-30%+, TripDelivers has a low, flat fee for food delivery. And unlike competing delivery service companies, TripDelivers does not have hidden fees or have surge-charge pricing. Restaurants that sign up and use TripDelivers delivery service can expect to keep more of their hard earned money. Review pricing comparisons here –

In addition to keeping the best interests of restaurant owners in mind, TripDelivers looks out for the best interests of all valued restaurant patrons as well. Jacksonville Beach, FL customers can order from the menus of local restaurants at the actual menu price, rather than a marked up price, which is common practice by most of the popular delivery service companies.

The TripDelivers platform is also an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in working as drivers on their own schedules. When Trip Technologies was envisioning and creating their platform, they realized the value of reliable drivers. It was decided that drivers are key to the success of the service, and therefore, it was extremely important to provide complete transparency for the driver. Learn more about driver opportunities here –

With this straightforward approach, drivers know exactly what they earn per delivery. TripDelivers generously allows drivers to keep 100% of the delivery fee and tip. Drivers in Jacksonville Beach, FL can decide how many trips they’d like to work per month and then choose between two very affordable plans: A limited delivery plan and an unlimited plan.

TripDelivers also pays excellent commission for referrals. Referral partners simply introduce restaurants, drivers and consumers to the platform and get paid!

TripDelivers is a win-win-win for restaurants, drivers and consumers. The platform is expected to shake up the restaurant food and grocery delivery industry currently controlled by money hungry delivery companies.

To learn more about TripDelivers in Jacksonville Beach, FL and their Referral Program, visit or call/email Michael at 312-218-4347,

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