Food Chain Traceability App – Restaurant/Grocery QR Code Scan Platform Launched

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iFoodIQ is a food traceability app that has been launched by Food Marketing Solutions. Producers, restaurant owners, and grocers can request a complimentary consultation at (480) 534-7563.

Food Marketing Solutions launched a new software application. This traceability app allows users to know exactly where their food originates, and will help restaurateurs, retailers, patrons, and consumers.

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Called iFoodIQ, the newly launched food traceability intelligence application, collects data throughout the food journey. This data is then used to understand where the food was sourced and how it logistically gets to its destination.

Sustainability, food safety, and the support of ethical fishermen, farmers, and ranchers are key issues for many today. It is important for consumers to understand the people and places behind the food they eat and feed their families.

By using this app, retailers and restaurateurs can share this vital information. The system is QR code-driven from the point of origination. Each package is labeled with a QR code and may contain an insert with the code.

Each step is detailed starting from where the food is produced. Information continues to be added during processing, packaging, and shipping. The information in the app can be branded for a specific restaurant or retailer.

Not only does the customer learn the basic product facts, but they also learn about the people who produce the food in the package or on their plate. This information personalizes the experience and builds a relationship between the consumer and the producers.

iFoodIQ can be accessed by anyone to learn all the details about the food they order at a restaurant or purchase at their grocer. Traceability is important, especially for food coming from locations where production may not be as highly regulated.

From coffee to corn, lobster to lamb, and peas to prime rib, traceability is becoming a vital concern for governments and consumers. iFoodIQ from Food Marketing Solutions provides an affordable answer.

Food Marketing Solutions has been in the food industry for over 20 years, working in the areas of branding and marketing strategies. This food traceability intelligence app is a logical extension of their mission.

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