Folding Teachers Basic Setting Up Watercolor Palette Released

Family-owned art supply company Rigger Art just launched their new large lightweight folding watercolor palettes with features like 33 paint wells, a folding lid cover for travel and rounded corners for easy mixing.

Rigger Art, a family-owned painters art supplies business, just launched its new large folding watercolor palette which has been highly rated by leading artists.

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Out of the more than quarter of a million artists identified as painters in the United States alone, they all have one thing in common, they all need somewhere to mix their paints to produce the varying colors they use in their art pieces. The painters color palette is the all-important tool utilized by painters to mix paint colors.

Artist palettes can come in a variety of materials including white plastic, clear acrylic plastic, traditional wooden, real glass, plexiglass and safety glass. The type of palette an artist uses is as individual as the painter themselves, whether they’re using it as a watercolor palette, an acrylic palette or a plein air palette.

Rigger Art is a growing family-owned business focused on bringing premium art supplies to painters. Their online promotion featuring their new Large Folding Watercolor Palette targets receiving direct feedback from professional artists in order to improve the products and services they offer.

The watercolor palette with lid cover includes features such as 33 paint wells, folding lid cover for travel, thumb-hole for right and left hand painters, rounded corners for easy mixing and lightweight for longer handling. It has been highly rated by painters including Lori McNee, Mike Simpson, Loretta Casler, Pat Dispenziere, Catherine Hillis and Jan Ross Watercolors.

Rigger Art invites customers and painters on their website to contact the company for direct feedback on their experience with the products and services in order to support its stated mission: to bring the best products for those who enjoy painting.

The company acts in cooperation with several art centers and customers can register to become members of Rigger Art’s VIP Group. The VIP Group offers single-use discount coupons for painters to try new items, provide feedback and leave reviews on Amazon. Registration information can be found on the link above.

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