Folding Tables & Flip Top Conference Tables – Space Saving Line Launched

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Burgess Furniture, a British high-quality furniture supplier, expanded its range of folding tables & flip-top conference tables to allow users to maximize their space in offices & conferences.

Burgess Furniture, a leading provider of furniture for businesses and the hospitality sector, has announced the expansion of their range of folding tables and flip-top conference tables that allow the flexible use of limited space in offices and conference rooms.

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Burgess Furniture, a long-established provider of superior quality furniture and seating, has announced their selection of practical and stylish folding tables has expanded to include the System-C and Configure-8 ranges.

The current pandemic has meant office-based businesses have had to reconsider how they use their office space to account for social distancing requirements. In doing so, there is pressure to use the available space more effectively and, in particular, carefully consider the number and layout of their desks.

Folding desks offer a long-term means of more flexibly using the available office space and meeting rooms than conventional desks as they can be more easily folded away and stored to create more space for the safe movement of employees.

Burgess Furniture has expanded its range of folding desks for offices. In addition to the A-Fold range, they have added the System-C and Configure-8 ranges that come with various options to allow customization to meet users’ particular needs.

Burgess Furniture’s System-C flip-top conference tables are available in various shapes and include additional modesty panels. They are designed to be linked together and easily folded for storage while minimizing the risk of damage to the table while doing so. System-C tables are available with hardwood or plastic edges.

The Configure 8 range tables are made from aluminum, making them lightweight, portable, easier to handle without sacrificing durability. They can also be joined together using rotary table connectors and come with adjustable feet.

Burgess Furniture has more than sixty years of experience and focuses on producing high-quality, on-trend, and functional furniture for the hospitality sector. They offer an extensive product range, including tables, chairs, and other accessories for every type of space, all of which have been designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom.

A spokesman said: “We are pleased to announce our expanded range of folding flip-top tables that offer a future-proof solution to the evolving world of office spaces.”

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