Folding Bikes London UK Foldable Bicycles & Orbitwheel Skates Site Launched

New Folding Bikes, a new online provider of foldable bikes based in the UK has launched its site, specialising in folding bikes, accessories, helmets and protective gear in relation to bikes and cycling, suitable for any budget.

A new UK based website for foldable bikes, New Folding Bikes, has been launched, specialising in folding bikes and accessories related to bikes and cycling to suit any budget.

More information and product details can be found on the website:

New Folding Bikes, a new website dedicated to foldable bikes, offers a wide range of folding bikes from its online store, giving its customers a large choice of colours, styles, sizes, brands and prices to meet their budget.

Foldable bikes are becoming increasingly popular amongst those who live in small apartments, use public transport, have limited storage or simply want a unique bicycle. New Folding Bikes addresses all of these customer needs through its varied product range.

Customers that buy a folding bike from the New Folding Bikes online store will enjoy the benefits of a bike that will easily store in any space in the home or office, quickly fold when entering a train or bus, is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and can be conveniently carried up stairs. The website also provides options for accessories and helmets.

Just some of the brands carried by New Folding Bikes include: folding bikes by Dohan, Citizen Bike, Montague, Vilano, Stowabike and Schwinn. Its best selling products include: helmets by Lazer, Giros, Razor, Protec, Bell and Giro; cycling computers and speedometers by CatEye and Sunlight; and shin guards, elbow pads and knee pads by G-Form and Fox.

The types of accessories available from the New Folding Bikes site in addition to bikes include helmets, cycling electronics to help calculate speed, distance, calories spent, heart rate and so on, and protective gear to keep the ride safe as well as others, such as: wrist savers, knee savers, elbow savers, shin guards, leg protectors, boot protectors, shoe covers, eye shades and sunglasses, safety flags, high visibility safety vests, gloves and more.

Other products of interest from New Folding Bikes are Orbitwheel skates (two wheels, one for each foot), a three wheeled skate (similar to a skateboard) and a skatecycle (also similar to a skateboard). The website features a ‘Special Offers’ section, a helpful guides section including articles on various folding bike brands, hints and tips on the benefits of foldable bikes, an e-newsletter, and 100% secure payments.

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