Focusing on currency wealth management, Burbank opens the era of digital asset banking

Burbank aims at the core needs of each digital asset holder, accurately matching digital asset services to different user groups, and maximizing asset utilization.

Nowadays, the digital asset market is exploding, and the market requires more and more currency account security, convenience, and reliability.It provides enterprise customers with complete currency security solutions, and more and more The provision of wealth management solutions by currency holders is already a blue ocean space in the market that needs to be filled.

Bearing the expectations of many people, Burbank emerged as the times require.As a new species collided between technical geeks in the block chain field and professionals in traditional banks, Burbank shoulders the responsibility of escorting encrypted digital assets and promoting global asset circulation It is the ultimate goal pursued by Burbank.

Five ecological layouts

Bank's founding team tailored digital asset storage, digital asset pledge, digital asset trading leverage, digital asset quantitative trading, and digital asset asset management five business ecosystems through a study of the digital asset financial market, to fully serve the digital asset world Of users play the role of digital asset distributor.

Burbank aims at the core needs of each digital asset holder, accurately matching digital asset services to different user groups, and maximizing asset utilization. The five major business layouts perfectly cover the real needs of current digital asset holders:

1、Digital asset storage: The precipitation of digital assets can also generate rich returns;
2、Digital asset pledge: Depositing funds to people in need, making asset circulation generate greater value;
3、Digital asset trading leverage funding: adventurers' paradise, providing financial plus leverage services to collect funding fees;
4、Digital asset quantitative trading: assets have another higher form of income;
5、Digital asset asset management: improve the anti-risk ability of asset holders.

Different from traditional banks, Burbank uses the blessing of the block chain world to decentralize the network to get rid of the time and space constraints of traditional banks, and complete the digital asset configuration management anytime, anywhere. There is no need for queuing, filling in forms, no cumbersome identity authentication procedures, and Constraints on the highest quota, truly achieving the vision of a free block chain

Five technology cores

As a contract-based digital asset bank developed based on the underlying technology of the block chain, Burbank relies on five key technologies of big data, artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, and bio metrics to solve the current problems facing the financial industry.

Among them, the biggest core of Burbank is the gradually developed mature smart contract technology based on block chain technology.It has simplified and improved the trust establishment process between people in the past, and no longer needs to go through a third-party platform. Users can establish a trust foundation between peers without any obstacles, breaking the status duo of information silos, thereby building a Burbank global Cryptozoic asset management platform and promoting the global circulation of Cryptozoic assets.

On the basis of value-added circulation of digital assets, Burbank further breaks through the original barriers between digital assets and physical commodities, enabling free and smooth exchange between the two.

The ultimate goal of Burbank is to build a new social business trust system with block chain smart contracts as the carrier. It is a hard core goal of Burbank to build a large-scale, open digital asset circulation closed loop and build a new set of commercial settlement and credit systems.

Three expansion areas

In addition to providing five businesses such as digital asset management, Burbank also intends to extend its tentacles to more areas, such as VR + e-sports, VR + medical and VR + education.

We know that with the rapid development of big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies in recent years, many traditional businesses are facing the challenge of digital transformation, and Burbank is willing to use its own technological advantages to help more companies achieve capitalization. Transformation, reshaping the value of the industry.

Take VR + education as an example. With the development of the Internet, the way of knowledge acquisition has also changed a lot. In the future, information technology represented by the Internet, cloud computing, big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc. will be used in education. Will be more and more widely used.

For example, VR technology can realize the combination of virtual and reality to make the classroom more realistic and human-like.Big data can help data precipitation for students' class content, learning effects, and personal preferences, and it is more conducive for teachers to teach according to their aptitudes and to fill in gaps. and many more.

How to make these traditional industries enter the digital age faster requires the efforts of many people.Burbank will strive to build a set of digital transformation system with VRC (the only universal equity token in the Burbank ecosystem) as the core while serving digital asset holders, helping these companies to quickly achieve digital transformation.

It can be expected that in the near future, we will see a new Burbank contract-type business ecosystem taking shape, and with the popularization of digital assets, this ecology will cover more regions and users, and promote the circulation of global digital assets This is the ultimate goal of Burbank.

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