Fluoryx Releases Two New Fluorinated Ketones Products: FC26-09 And FC26-11

California Based Fluorochemical company, Fluoryx, has announced their latest fluorinated ketones products, labeled FC26-09 and FC26-11. These products are two in a long line of newly released chemicals for use in research and commerce.

A leader in providing fluorochemical manufacturing and distributions for research, development, and commerce, Fluoryx, has made the announcement of the release of two new products being labeled as FC26-09 with CAS number 851535-00-7 and FC26-11 with CAS number 67118-49-4. Fluoryx is well known for their high quality products and are recognized worldwide for their work with environmentally friendly solvents. Fluoryx Chemist Yuhong Wang, PhD., has said the following regarding these fluorinated ketones

 ”The fluorinated ketones are environmentally friendly solvents. They are ideal replacements for ozone-depleting compounds, high global warming compounds, hydrofluorocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and n-propyl bromide in many applications.”

The company has stated that there are many benefits to using these latest releases in their product line, and more information on each item can be viewed on their website along with a listing of prices and shipping data. In regards to the reasons for choosing fluorinated ketones, Yuhong Wang, PhD., explained the advantages: 

“Advantages: non-flammable, zero ozone depletion potential (ODP), low global warming potential (GWP), high boiling point, no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), low water solubility, and high purity.”

Aside from the above-mentioned products, Fluoryx develops a wide assortment of fluorochemicals, some with transportation much higher hazard ratings. These higher risk items require additional charges for shipping via air, and consumers must select the overnight option in order to receive them. This can mean an increase in the cost of shipping of $90 domestically and $135 internationally. This is another reason why many buyers may be drawn to the more environmentally friendly fluorinated ketones, which can be used for many reasons, although the company has stated that the products are generally utilized for the following:  

“Uses: solvent, heat transfer fluid, industrial and commercial cleaning fluid, lubricant deposition, vapor phase soldering, and electronic testing & cleaning.”

Fluoryx ships to consumers across the globe, including those in North and South America, European countries, the Middle East, Australia, and Asia. The company has also made it clear that they are willing to custom manufacture products for individual companies through their expert work in organic synthesis, polymer science, and fluorochemistry. This gives consumers the opportunity to assemble a fluorochemical line that is best suited to their particular needs, rather than buying stock from other manufacturers in direct competition with Fluoryx. The company is reputed for this capability, and describes their success as being directly related to the talented scientists on their team.  

Fluoryx has stated that they will also be releasing more products in the near future for consumers who require additional fluorochemicals for research and other usage. For questions or concerns regarding this press release, or for more information on Fluoryx, visit their website  or use the contact information provided.

Release ID: 67608