Flu Shot Less Important than a Healthy Immune System for Avoiding the Flu

A new report published by Dr. Herbert Warren reveals how limited the effectiveness of the Flu Shot is and, with or without it, it’s down to Immune System health whether the flu will be contracted.

Dr. Herbert Warren, of Alternative Health Concepts, has revealed immune system research that calls into question the validity of the main argument for flu vaccination–to protect the very young, elderly and those with underlying health problems, from the flu.

Dr. Warren revealed that these are the very groups that find the least protection from the flu after receiving the flu shot. Read Dr. Herbert Warren’s Report: Role of Immune System in Flu Vaccination Effectiveness.

“A healthy immune system is required for proper uptake of immunity”, said Dr. Warren. “The very young, elderly and those in poor health, may not be able to mount an immune response to the vaccine, which would leave them unprotected”.

Dr. Warren cites the work of Peter Doshi, Ph. D., a Johns Hopkins Scientist, who has questioned the safety and effectiveness of the annual flu vaccine. Dr. Doshi states that there is no evidence that the vaccine will help avoid complications of the flu, which a small group of vaccinated and unvaccinated die from each year.

Dr. Warren, instead, recommends people to strengthen their immune systems.

“The immune system is really where all of these battles between body and disease take place, with or without vaccination”, says Dr. Warren. “Without a properly functioning immune system, colds, flu and more serious invaders such as cancers, have the chance to invade the body, unchallenged”.

Lifestyle and diet are important considerations for maintaining a healthy immune system but Dr. Warren has spent many years researching the role of the Thymus Gland in immune system health. He explains that this gland secretes the essential proteins which enable the body to correctly identify bacterial, viral and other invaders in order to kill them. Without adequate proteins, invading disease has free reign to multiply and take over healthy cells.

This little-known fact has led many to ignore Thymus Gland health when making efforts to strengthen their immune systems.

Read Dr. Herbert Warren’s full Report: Role of Immune System in Flu Vaccination Effectiveness including his Thymus Gland research and recommendations for strengthening the immune system https://alternative-health-concepts.com/role-of-immune-system-in-flu-vaccination-effectiveness/.

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