FLOW Crypto News Site – November 2021 MT4/5 Eightcap Updates Report Launched

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Flow Crypto has published their full report on Eightcap, the highly rated foreign exchange broker, that has recently launched its new cryptocurrency trading platform.

The report details the benefits of Eightcap’s new platform, which provides traders access to the largest selection of crypto tokens on the M4 exchange. It also explaiins that Eightcap allows crypto trading without a digital wallet, making it a convenient option for part-time traders.

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The report details the evolution of Eightcap as they continue to be a trusted broker. Previously dealing on the foreign exchange and precious metals markets, they have recently expanded their reach into the digital currency realm, allowing trades in BTC, ETH, DOT, and many more, all with reasonable spread.

In many ways, these digital currencies have become part of a “new gold rush”, allowing traders access to a market far more volatile than traditional assets such as stocks, forex or precious metals. This market is consequently a higher risk space – but, naturally, this means it can yield a higher reward.

As these new markets grow and evolve, accurate information on the financial space can be extremely important, which makes this Flow report a valuable asset. It is easy to tell through this information that Eightcap is a common-sense choice for forex traders, having already won the award for Best Global MT4 Forex Broker.

The report states that Eightcap is not only for experienced traders, though; their ultra low-spread, consistent user experience is perfect for beginners as well. Their high token availability also means that new traders don’t need to distribute their information to multiple platforms to trade the currencies they are interested in.

The report explains that Eightcap is currently positioned above their competition. They have a strong commitment to their client base, which they demonstrate by providing further educational materials as well as reasonable fees for their services, allowing anyone to trade confidently.

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