Florida Solar Panel Company – Miami and Panhandle heating up over RATE HIKES

Against the spiraling costs of fossil fuels and increasing public concern about the looming environmental crisis, a Pensacola, FL-based clean energy supplier (850-292-7900) announces updated solar-power installation services for residential and commercial settings throughout the southern and western US.

Sunny Day Solar’s latest launch expands its range of innovative, cost-effective home energy solutions. The company offers customers state-of-the-art technology capable of replacing traditional methods of powering a home.

More details can be found at https://www.sunnydsolar.com

The announcement details a range of benefits for environmentally-conscious clients. Sunny Day Solar can advise on a variety of government grants and tax credit incentives that are available to assist with the cost of installation.

With its reputation as the sunshine state, Florida’s warm climate provides the ideal location for those considering making the switch to renewable energy. According to the US Energy Administration, the state consumes around 8 times as much energy as it produces with just 4% of its net generation coming from renewable sources. However, recent investment in utility-scale solar facilities has seen Florida emerge as one of the country’s leading adopters of solar technology.

Sunny Day Solar Farms offers expertise in the planning, installation, and maintenance of cutting-edge solar-powered panels. The apparatus can be mounted on roofs, walls, or erected on free-standing units depending on the space and layout of a property. Customers can choose from a variety of panel technologies and brands.

The company can also cater to large-scale solar farm installations. For land-owing customers, solar power represents a lucrative investment opportunity, providing an impressive ROI, a no-risk high yield, and a long-lasting source of revenue. As the price of electricity continues to increase, Sunny Day Solar Farms offers clients a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly alternative to fossil fuel-driven energy sources.

About Sunny Day Solar Farms, LLC

Led by Marc Hager, the company has been providing solar since 1995 in the US and Florida residents with solar power solutions since 2016. Sunny Day Solar is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and is part of a vast network of solar solution teams.

A spokesperson says, “On a daily basis we get to help individuals save money and take control by owning their power production instead of renting it. Sunny Day Solar is a proud and active member of the community.”

With its latest service update, the company continues to lead the way in renewable energy technology across the state of Florida.

For more information, please visit https://www.sunnydsolar.com

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