Florida Private Health Insurance Post Open Enrollment Coverage Service Launched

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Corey Jennings has launched an expanded range of services to help families who missed Florida’s open enrollment obtain health insurance with private plans that can save them hundreds of dollars.

Independent healthcare insurance broker Corey Jennings has launched an expanded range of services to help individuals and families in Florida obtain health insurance even after the open enrollment period.

More information can be found at https://simplifyhealthcaresolutions.com

According to Simplify Health Solutions, it’s never too late for anyone who missed open enrollment to get healthcare coverage. With his expanded services, he can assist clients in reviewing their options and finding the best solution depending on their individual circumstances.

Florida’s open enrollment period ended on December 15, 2020. Generally, individuals who missed the deadline may no longer be eligible to obtain healthcare insurance until the following open enrollment.

Corey says, however, that options exist for these individuals. For example, extenuating circumstances, such as going through life changing events or losing coverage through no fault of theirs, may qualify a person for a special enrollment period. Low income individuals or families may also opt for Medicaid or CHIP, which are not subject to the open enrollment policy.

For clients who do not qualify for the special enrollment period, Medicaid, or CHIP, Simplify Health Solutions can recommend various options, including enrolling in a private plan that is not regulated by the Affordable Care Act.

The private marketplace includes a wide range of policy options with different coverages and policy periods. For healthy individuals who have no serious health conditions and only need an annual checkup, certain private plans are significantly more affordable and can save the policy holder hundreds of dollars per month.

Based on Simplify Health Solutions’ research, “Healthy people pay so much simply because they often choose plans meant for sick people from healthcare.gov.”

Private plans that are not regulated by ACA include short term plans, limited benefits plans, dental or vision plans, illness specific plans, and medical discount plans.

Corey says comparing private plans to determine which is the right one can get very confusing and this is why he designed his services to simplify the process. For free, Simplify Health Solutions provides clients with all their options based on their budgets and circumstances, as well as guidance on choosing the plan that’s right for them.

Interested parties can learn more by visiting the website given above.

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