Florida Personal Injury Attorney Sinclair Law Offers Tips For Motorcyclists This Holiday Season

Florida Personal Injury Attorney Sinclair Law Offers Tips For Motorcyclists This Holiday Season.Sinclair Law, a trusted personal injury firm, warns the public about the risks involved in holiday driving and urges motorcycle riders to heed safety tips.

With Florida’s holiday tourist season in full force, local personal injury law firm Sinclair Law is reminding motorcyclists of the season’s dangers by providing top safety tips. As one of Melbourne’s leading law firms specializing in motorcycle accidents, Sinclair Law is dedicated to keeping motorcycle riding a safe activity for all. 

The last two months of the year generally witness a surge in auto accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the frequency of both non-alcohol and alcohol-related accidents increases during November and December, with an unfortunate number of those resulting in death. When asked about Sinclair Law’s commitment to motorcycle safety promotion, founder Brad Sinclair stated, “We believe the holiday season is the perfect time to remind riders of their rights and responsibilities on the road.”

To aid motorcycle owners in enhancing road safety, Sinclair Law recently published tips for safe riding. Topping the list of tips is the suggestion to wear appropriate clothing to enhance comfort and visibility while riding. The correct gear includes close-toed shoes, gloves, and eye protection. Though helmets aren’t required by law, Sinclair Law asks motorcycle riders to consider wearing a helmet during this busy season. 

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In addition to wearing the proper gear, Sinclair Law reminds motorcycle owners to have their vehicles inspected and repaired if needed. Between rainy weather and changing traffic patterns, motorcyclists need to be confident in their equipment’s ability to function. If planning to customize a motorcycle or add an accessory, Sinclair Law recommends safely testing an upgraded motorcycle before joining other motorists. 

Finally, Sinclair Law is asking motorcyclists to drive responsibly. While the holidays provide a perfect opportunity to relax and have fun, riding while intoxicated endangers the rider and fellow roadsters. An avid motorcycle rider himself, Brad Sinclair urges riders to use their best judgment and take precautions when traveling during the holiday season.

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