Florida Beaches Walk in the Sand Campaign to Unite Connect Protect is Announced

A new campaign to raise awareness of Florida’s beaches and the people and wildlife who live, work and play there, has been announced. Patti Jewel, the CEO of FloridaSmart.com, will be walking along every beach in the state.

Patti Jewel, the CEO of FloridaSmart.com, has announced a new campaign walking along every beach in Florida to raise awareness of the need to protect and keep our beaches free and clean for everyone to enjoy. She will also be focusing on the people in the communities in an effort to showcase the good side of humanity in an effort to bring people together in a united state.

She will be starting in Pensacola, and from there will travel across the Emerald Coast living and immersing herself in the Florida Beach town communities. The journey is expected to take place over a year.

More information can be found at: https://www.floridasmart.com/articles/walk-sand-florida-beach-blog

The newly announced campaign is intended to provide positivity in this time of the pandemic and political divide. She wants to share an adventure and highlight the positive elements that unite people across the country by focusing on Florida’s beach towns.

Part of the focus of her new campaign is to raise awareness of the need to protect the beaches and their wildlife. Her unique Florida beach journey will provide an insight into the variety of beaches available, the wildlife that makes these beaches their home and the communities that make the beach town special.

Aiming to walk the entire Florida Peninsula coastline, Patti is focusing on uniting rather than the ongoing divisive news cycle. She explains that it has been a tough year, with the pandemic still impacting lives and people living in a world of fear and anxiety. Alongside this, there has been rising political divide and she feels the need to bring people together, rather than letting the cracks grow. With this in mind, she aims to show the human spirit of hope and unity throughout her mission.

At the core of her new campaign is the belief that people need to do more to move forward together. Her goals are to showcase the beautiful beaches raising awareness for the importance of protecting beaches. Strong emphasis will also be placed on the beach towns throughout the state, along with the people who live and work there.

She will be inviting local business owners, and locals who care about coastal protection, conserving wildlife, protecting beaches, and connecting their community to get in touch and take a walk with her. Those who are interested in telling their story or sharing their hometown spirit are encouraged to get in touch.

She states: “My journey will start at the northwestern tip in the Pensacola area and I will be walking east along the panhandle. I don’t know how long this journey will take, but my goal is to walk the entire sandy coast including every beach in the entire peninsula of Florida.”

Donations and sponsorships can be provided at: https://walkinthesand.com/contribute/

She will be joined on the adventure by her daughter, Cortney, who is the Senior Editor and Photographer for FloridaSmart.com. They will be producing content with their FloridaSmart team to highlight and document the beach towns and promote local businesses.

Full details can be found on the URL above, and interested parties can follow the journey on Instagram @walksandbeach.

Additional information about Patti’s Mission is available at: https://pattijewel.com/florida

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