Florida based Law Firm Musca Law Wins Best Law Firm Award

The award-winning criminal defense law firm Musca Law, based in the state of Florida has now garnered over 300 5-star reviews online and was awarded a prestigious award.

Musca Law, a criminal defense law firm based in Florida was awarded “Best Law Firm” by the association of Lawyers in Florida for their outstanding work in 2018.

The law firm has now garnered over 300 5-star reviews online, which is just one of the many factors that have made Musca Law one of the most reputable law firms throughout the entire state of Florida. They have helped individuals throughout their 28 statewide locations with all types of criminal matters. Their impeccable success rate speaks for itself with testimonial after testimonial praising the Musca Law team for their unbridled defense efforts.

The Musca Law team has over 150 years of combined experience, which has helped set themselves apart from the other competing criminal defense firms throughout Florida. Even though they are consistently serving clients throughout the entire state, they still manage to provide the utmost personal attention to each and every one of their clients. You can read all the successful case results on their website.

James D., a past client of Musca Law, was dealing with his 2nd DUI and 2nd refusal. He needed an experienced legal team to help him get through such a troubling scenario. James has since publicly said, “This law firm and the lawyers who comprise it are the REAL Deal and WILL do their best to take care of you.”

There are countless Musca Law stories that attribute to the firm’s ability to take on challenging defense cases and drive best-case scenario results on a consistent basis. Even though reaching over 300 5-star reviews is a milestone it still doesn’t even come close to recognizing everything that Musca Law has done for the Florida community.

Musca Law has a two-fold firm philosophy that first provides aggressive criminal defense by strengthening a client’s case and simultaneously challenging a prosecution’s evidence; and secondly that provides a flawless personal service that is oriented around keeping clients 100% in the loop on their professional strategies.

Musca Law is quickly becoming one of the most successful criminal defense law firms throughout Florida, and this success is due to countless clients who have trusted the firm for legal guidance.

Although over 300 5-star reviews and counting are a nice touch to the firm’s resume, what really matters to John Musca and his team are the lives and families that have been changed for the better as a result of those successful cases.

For more information about Musca Law and their incredible track record, check out their website https://www.muscalaw.com/

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