Floral Skirts Dominate Designer Showings This Year

According to an industry insider, women’s floral skirts should be the foundation of every women’s closet in 2015.

While it’s true that women’s fashion tends to change as quickly as the seasons, one industry expert predicts that for the foreseeable future, women’s floral skirts should be every woman’s closet this year. “Flower power is back,” said the expert. “And it’s showing up in all types of clothing pieces, but most especially in women’s skirts.”

The spring runways this year were full of floral skirts and other flower power articles of clothing. For example, Simone Rocha came out with a clothing line that is full of colorful blossoms, Louis Vuitton made his fashion statement with a line of clothing adorned with strong metallic flowers, and Max Mara showcased a unique line of clothing that featured subdued tan florets. The florals came in all styles this year, which is different from how designers typically create and preview their signature styles. Rather than a uniform type of flower or color line, the flowers are blooming independently all over the fashion world.

“This year, women won’t have to choose between a modern, brushed stroke flower and a daintier design with pale petals. This year, the goal is flowers, and it simply doesn’t matter what form or color they come in,” says the expert.

The runways this year seem to back up his sentiments. In addition to the wide variety of women’s floral skirts, there were shirts, dresses, coats, and even women’s suits covered in petals. In addition, leather shoes this year are adorned with flowers of all types and there is even talk of the flowers taking over men’s fashions in the near future.

Some says that the reason flowers are making such a huge comeback is because the times are similar to those of the 60’s—the last time flower power was in vogue. “Back then, it was a statement about not wilting, despite the war and violence that surrounded them,” said the expert. “And people today are again frustrated with what they see going on in the world, and that has caused them to reconnect with the mindset of the 60’s, and reestablish flower power in their wardrobes.”

Experts say that there are no hard and fast rules for wearing florals this year. But many of the runway models wore a combination of a women’s floral skirt with soft flowing shirts to complement them. “I think it’s more of a mindset,” said the expert. “Women should wear the florals in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.”

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