Flood insurance for your Sacramento home during a drought?

Patrick Smith Realty says; "remember, Sacramento was originally built in a floodplain, so thinking about flood insurance for a Sacramento home during a drought is not a bad idea."

Patrick Smith Realty has been concerned for the Sacramento homeowners without flood insurance. They are bringing you this information to help Sacramento homeowners protect themselves from possible flood damage.

Flood insurance for your Sacramento home during a drought? These are two things a person would not normally say in the same sentence. But today California is in a statewide drought emergency which Governor Newsom expanded just a few days ago (October 19th, 2021).

During this drought, there have been massive amounts of rainfall in California.

The meteorologists called the massive storms a bomb cyclone and an atmospheric river, a convergence of storms that unleashed heavy rain to parts of the Bay Area, along with high winds, flash floods, and the potential for heavy snow in the Sierra Nevada.

Who would have thought we should consider flood insurance during a drought emergency? But that’s exactly what Sacramento homeowners should be thinking about.

If a homeowner has been in the Sacramento city area for any length of time, they are probably aware that Sacramento city was known for flooding regularly since its inception. Attached is a picture of people in boats rowing across the street in 1862.

And yes, the city was built up, raising the level of the streets so that there now is an underground city in Sacramento, (here is tour information) but many of the homes still have basements and apartments that are below street level and subject to flooding.

Ever wondered why some of those beautiful Sacramento Craftsman bungalows are built at street level, some with just a few steps to the porch, and some have a high porch? The age and location many times determined the height of the porch because of flooding concerns.

A recent NPR article that stated, floods threatened to shut down a quarter of US roads and critical buildings (Oct 14, 2021). That article leads to a really interesting site, floodfactor.com.

Flood Factor is a free online tool created by the nonprofit First Street Foundation that makes it easy for Americans to find their property’s risk of flooding, and understand how flood risks are changing because of a changing environment.

Flood Factor allows individuals to easily view the models’ flood risk information at the property level and provides useful information on potential actions to mitigate flood risk.

Before Flood Factor, many Americans had limited options to find a home’s flood risk, and no way to determine how that risk would change over the duration of their homeownership. Finding a home’s flood history could be difficult, now it’s as simple as putting in an address add floodfactor.com, and checking the additional features to make sure that your property is described correctly.

So, what about flood insurance in a drought?

Sacramento homeowners probably haven’t been thinking about flood insurance with all of the fires, water restrictions, and other drought concerns in California recently. But this massive storm reminds us that in a matter of a day or two we could have so much water coming down that our streets could be flooded, basements could be swamped, and Sacramento homeowners can’t rely on a sump pump to drain our basement when electricity is knocked out from trees being blown over.

Patrick Smith Realty suggests taking a look at floodfactor.com and chatting with a local insurance professional about the cost of flood insurance for Sacramento homes.

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