Flo-Dynamics Systems Inc is a water management company rooted in Western Canada

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Flo-Dynamics Systems Inc specializes in innovative frac water management systems that meet performance requirements, are cost effective, and that require minimal operator labor. Our systems are custom and are patented or patent pending designs.

Flo-Dynamics Systems Inc. is a water management company that is situated in Western Canada with offices in Calgary, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, and Drayton Valley. They have a considerable amount of experience as well as the expertise to create a reliable water management system that manages water usage irrespective of the purpose. The scope of possibilities of water management is defined by the project’s nature. They specialize in frac water management system that goes with the performance requirement, require minimal operator labor.

Flo-Dynamics Systems Inc. is one of the leading frac water management systems in Western Canada. They generate custom solutions to meet the requirements of the clients. Their approaches are highly optimized which allows significant cost savings in the management process. They typically would be to assess the customer’s requirements and operation, system pad and infrastructure for the water management operations that supports efficient stimulation, water transfer to the frac company, manage and organize destination for flowback water, receive flowback water, and at last clean up equipment for production turnover.

It is very important to the efficient operation of work to have clean and portable water. Flo-Dynamics System Inc. offers waste management services to the areas where water advisories are not regular. They offer consumable supplies, trained operators, to make sure that the customer needs are provincially met. Their wastewater management service includes wastewater treatments, production of wastewater; their storage and distribution, water purification, and testing and monitoring.

One of the effective ways to dispose of the wastewater while using low water supply is by frac flowwater treatment. With modern technologies, pollutants like Sulfate, Chloride, Calcium, Barium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Sodium, and Strontium can be decreased up to a significant 97%. This is can considerably neutralize the amount of sulfates and metallic salts. One of the best things about Frac Flowback water treatment is that it cleans out the water contaminants while using less water. At Flo-Dynamics, they set up comprehensive dewatering systems in order to deeply excavate the water from impurities. Flo-Dynamic water management system provides a unique and proficient team that work in collaboration with the lab to construe the data for further to investigate and for the purpose of remediation for different water use systems. They have an array of equipment to meet different situations such as high vacuum, high purity.

More information can be found at: http://flo-dynamics.ca

They also provide temporary piping for water delivery which is efficient for the water management systems. Pipelines have the benefits of minimizing the dust, truck costs as well as truck traffic and costs. They can also be used to the containment of facilities, connect pad locations, treating and recycling facilities, disposal sites, etc.

Flo-Dynamics water management system work with the customers to design pipe networks and pump stations to suit different water transfer stations. Their portable transfer station pumps utilize different frequency drive technology that allows pumping large quantities of water.

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