Flirt IRL – Proximity Dating App For Singles – Free In-Person Meeting Platform

Life Widgets has announced the launch of Flirt, a new, no-fee, mobile dating app enabling users to connect with other singles immediately and in person.

Life Widgets has announced the launch of its new proximity-based mobile dating app, Flirt. The no-fee app connects singles in person instead of online, bypassing the need for lengthy online profiles and monthly fees.

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The launch of this dating app allows people to meet other people near them without having to set up extensive profiles. Advanced location technology identifies other available singles in the same area so that they can meet and chat face to face.

Flirt is designed to provide busy, single men and women an easier way to connect without having to complete lengthy questionnaires and profiles online. Users can meet in person rather than across a computer screen.

Flirt offers a fresh approach to modern online dating by focusing on in-person interactions. Dating apps and platforms charge an expensive monthly fee and users often engage in extensive messaging before going on an actual date. This can make dating a time-consuming and costly process.

Flirt provides singles with the opportunity to meet people who are nearby when they are in social settings including bars, clubs, concerts, or while on vacation. Users can choose a “dating” radius as little as 50 feet to find other singles in their vicinity.

Flirt is simple and quick to navigate. Users set their preferences and can then see profiles of other people who are nearby when they are out and about. If they see someone they like, they can select their profile which will notify them that they would like to meet.

Jerry Thibeau, CEO of Life Widgets said: “We want to give our users a new alternative to traditional online dating. We want them to feel confident and desirable while using our service – after all, they will be able to meet someone who is mutually interested nearly instantly. Singles are ready to socialize after a long year of quarantine and tedious online dating.”

Flirt is a feature of a new social media app, Life Widgets. This platform combines social networking, friends, dating, restaurants, bars, and places to go. Life Widgets minimizes the need to have multiple social applications for different purposes.

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