FlipSpeed review exposes huge discount for new FlipSpeed and ProFlipperz users

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A new FlipSpeed review has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of FlipSpeed and how buyers can get a massive discount for FlipSpeed during the launch period. FlipSpeed review also comes with ProFlipperz review.

FlipSpeed review – the simple training system that shows how anyone can make over $4 million by using their phone to buy and sell household products – is launching on Sat 7th Aug with a massive discount for new customers. To get your FlipSpeed discount, please go here.

FlipSpeed is the brainchild of business partners Steve Hitson and Craig Crawford.

Last year, Hitson was sitting in Starbucks, San Diego, California, and needed some emergency cash. He stumbled upon a very unique system that enabled him to buy household products from as little as a dollar and sell them for up to $997 in as little as 60 minutes.

Since then, Hitson has gone on to make over $4million using the FlipSpeed system in his spare time, whilst working a full-time job and with a growing family. He has documented his entire journey inside FlipSpeed and now – for the first time ever – he has created a comprehensive training on how to acquire and sell the right goods at the right prices ready for quick profits so that other people can follow in his footsteps.

To make it even easier, FlipSpeed also comes with the ProFlipperz app: an Android & IOS mobile and device application that allows people to easily run a profitable flipping business. It’s both a barcode scanner that brings up Google Results for an item and takes the information on autopilot and enters it into the system with images.

This never-been-done before ProFlipperz mobile application allows FlipSpeed customers to make money with the FlipSpeed system, and also research, track information and generate traffic to their product listings at the push of a button.

The ProFlipperz app for FlipSpeed automatically searches through 250 Million retail products and brings up all the product details simply by scanning a barcode. In just one click you can create an instant for sale listing on platforms like Ebay, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and more. It’s an incredible tool for flipping or even for saving you money in stores. If you see a good deal – you can list the item for sale with the ProFlipperz app before walking out the door.

A complete list of the ProFlipperz software features and the FlipSpeed training product are available on the official FlipSpeed site.

A FlipSpeed review interview with Steve is also available on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZn4gQNdrxk

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