Flipping & Frying Invites Clients to Win a Fish and Chip Supper for 2 on June 3

UK-based mobile fish and chips business celebrates love of British dish by asking participants to snap photos while eating somewhere “unusual.”

Following the success of last year’s National Fish and Chip Day, NEODA (The National Edible Oils Distributor’s Association) announced that the United Kingdom is again coming together to celebrate the nation’s favourite dish on Friday, June 3.

In response, UK-based mobile fish and chips business Flipping & Frying is offering customers a chance to win a fish and chip supper for two during a sanctioned competition that will close on June 3 – all participants have to do is snap a photo eating their fish and chips in an “unusual location” and either tweet Flipping & Frying or post the images to the company’s Facebook wall, along with the hashtags “#NationalFishAndChipDay” and “#FlippingAndFrying.”

The brainchild of Stuart Fawcett, a Royal Navy serviceman up until 2014 who was seeking a new vocation, Flipping & Frying offers an adventurous take on Brit-centric fish and chips, visiting local villages by way of two vans and serving the delectable morsels to local residents with the help of his partner Bridie.

“Through our latest competition, Flipping & Frying fans can win a fish and chip supper for two – including mushy peas – to celebrate the UK’s favourite dish on National Fish and Chip Day,” says Fawcett. “All folks need to do to enter is to put their creative hats on and find somewhere unusual to eat their fish and chips – the stranger the better, though we stress caution and wouldn’t ask anyone to risk their own health – and from there snap some pictures to tweet to us or post on our Facebook page. Winners will be contacted directly by us, and we will arrange the free meal; winners must pick up their prize from along our van route.”

Due to popular demand, Flipping & Frying has added Sturton by Stow to its van route, giving residents of the village and civil parish in the West Lindsey district of Lincolnshire access to its amazing food. The company’s van will be at Sturton by Stow on Thursdays from 17:00 to 20:00. Both Fawcett and representatives of NEODA say National Fish and Chip Day is a great way to celebrate fish and chips nationwide, as well as a way to share the love of the dish with Flipping & Frying customers and the local community.

Flipping & Frying is headquartered at Sparkhouse, Rope Walk in Lincoln and can be reached by calling 0800 145 5761.

For more information visit www.FlippingandFrying.co.uk. The business’ Facebook page is located at www.facebook.com/flippingandfrying.

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