Fleetworks Inc Expands 24hr Semi Towing From Orange County To LA And Riverside

Expanding their 24hr heavy rig towing services to Los Angeles and Riverside counties, Fleetworks Inc will become among the largest suppliers of fleet maintenance mechanics in Southern California.

Fleetworks Inc is a one-stop-shop for large truck repairs and maintenance needs. Whether full fleet services or individual preventive maintenance, a BIT/DOT inspection, clutch or transmission, wheel or suspension, they do it all. They provide following services at the station: complete brake, suspension & spring services, front end alignment, kingpins & tie rods, trailer axle straightening, tandem alignment, front & real axle straightening, wheel balancing, driver shafts built & repaired for all vehicles. As a business along one of the most heavily-trafficked trade routes on the west coast, Interstate 5, the company now expands their semi repair and tractor trailer repair with 24 hour roadside assistance and towing.

“We’ve gradually rolled out services for our clients whether they’re a fleet with many trucks, or a trucker passing through who happens to need some help,” says Cody Kirby of Fleetworks. “Full managed fleet services and diesel repair services means we also provide body work and include DOT/BIT inspections, engine work, differentials & drivelines, air conditioning, welding and fabrication, transmission, suspensions, electrical updates, diagnostics, and the list goes on.”

Along with the repair services, Fleetworks Inc. is expanding its 24 hour road services & heavy towing. Towing services have been helpful to so many semi truck drivers who have been stuck on the road in Orange County. They studied the market and found that the 24 hour road service is in demand beyond Orange County. So they made the decision and have expanded the service from Orange County to Los Angeles and Riverside counties. This is going to give a big coverage area to the truckers en route from the LA valley south to the San Clemente area and from Riverside to the coast. They’re now set to tackle a bigger market as they roll out the new service, which carries the ability to offer on-site and mobile services including onsite truck & trailer repairs & maintenance, engine (Gas, diesel & propane), transmission & differential, clutch & driveline, air conditioning, suspension, exhaust, welding & fabrication, electrical diagnostics, cooling, fuel, brakes, (air/ hydraulic), engine computer diagnostics, BIT & DOT inspections.

About Fleet works Along with decades of combined experience, they continue to deliver exceptional services to an all new and existing clients. They are on track to provide among the most comprehensive services in the area that will get the customer in and out and back on the road again as fast as possible. More information is available on Fleetworksinc.com

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