Flavored Disposable Vapes/E-Cigarettes Tobacco Alternative Products Launched

An updated range of vape products in different brands and flavors is available at The Hookah Shop. Vapes are considered a tobacco alternative and use aerosolized nicotine-based liquids.

The Hookah Shop of Dearborn, MI has launched an updated range of disposable vapes. The company specializes in supplying hookahs, shishas, e-cigarettes, and accessories through its online store.

More information can be found at https://thehookahshop.com/product-category/vapes

The recently updated line of disposable vapes is available in a wide range of fruity scents and flavors. The Hookah Shop sells e-liquids in several flavors including melon, apple jam, apricot jam, banana, berry, and more. The vapes are available in an array of colors and styles making it easy for consumers to identify their preferred flavors.

Disposable vapes from The Hookah Shop last for 500 puffs or more with a nicotine strength of 4.5 to 5%. The store stocks vape products from Sky Bar, Posh Plus, JUUL, Mr Vapor Glow, and e-liquids from top brands including Cloud Nurdz, Aqua Classic E-Juice, and Reds Apple. The products are available in 60 ml or 100 ml bottles.

“Vapes” or e-cigarettes simulate tobacco smoking by creating an atomized aerosol from a flavored nicotine-based liquid. All products are checked and tested for efficacy before being made available on The Hookah Shop website.

Cigarette smoking is believed to be dangerous to the lungs and highly addictive due to nicotine and tobacco content. As part of its commitment to transparency, The Hookah Shop warns customers that according to scientific studies, vaping increases the likelihood of smoking cigarettes. The vapor emitted from electronic cigarettes is suspected to contain a wide range of chemicals, carcinogens, nanoparticles, and heavy metals.

The Hookah Shop is a full hookah and shisha dealership based in Dearborn, MI, and founded in 2020. The store website is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. The Hookah Shop ships to all states except WA and UT – on account of state law – and to several international locations. Orders over $149 qualify for free delivery.

For more information on the types of vapes available, interested parties can visit https://thehookahshop.com/product-category/vapes

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