Flat Paint Brush Red Sable Weasel Hair Best Application New Product Launched

A new set of flat headed paint brushes has been launched by Magic Touches, with each boasting a polished birchwood handle. They come in a range of sizes that offer easy paint application across a selection of different mediums.

Magic Touches has announced an expansion to its range of weasel hair paint brushes, adding a high quality set of six flat brushes to their product selection. Weasel hair is more commonly referred to as Red Sable and is favored by many professional artists because the weasel hair compared favorably with the more expensive Sable brushes at a fraction of the price.

More information can be found on the Magic Touches Amazon store at: http://Go2Azon.com/g/B01IBO8LTS.

Magic Touches offers a wide range of products in its online store, ranging from outdoor items like barbecue equipment to magic trick sets for aspiring musicians to practice and enjoy. The flat brush set is the latest in their artist supplies range, and can be used by artists of any skill level.

On the company website, Magic Touches explains that the natural characteristics of the Red Sable hair allows the brushes to have a high paint holding capacity, which has the added benefit of making for consistent and good flowing paint when applied to the surface.

In addition to this, the brushes can be used for oils, where flexibility is needed, and the brushes excel at carrying the paint and easily applying it with a fluid flow and precise nature.

The company site goes on to say that the weasel hair material, rather than being from weasels, is actually a member of the mustelidae family, native to Asia, North America and Europe. Most of the time with artists brushes, it’s the Asian variety that is used for the brush because of the unique length and fineness of their hair.

The artist brushes sold by Magic Touches are made from a combination of 65% Red Sable hair and fine horse fetlock hair, which provides the best paint holding capacity for a range of different paint mediums.

Each brush comes with a polished birchwood handle to give every brush a luxurious feel, with a weight that makes them easy to use. The fine flat head brushes come in sizes of #2, #4, #6, #8, #10 and #12, offering customers a broad selection to choose from for their art.

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