Flamingo Inflatables – Teddy Shake Announces Launch of their Newest Product

In response to flamingo inflatables becoming a hit product in the United States, Teddy Shake has officially launched their own 7 foot version of the pink flamingo pool toy. Find it at: https://www.amazon.com/Pink-Flamingo-Pool-Float-Tube/dp/B01IG4QSKC

Teddy Shake recently formally announced that they would create a pink inflatable flamingo float as their latest product and project. Today, the company has officially announced the launch and release of this flamingo inflatable on Amazon.com.

Designed as a creative and unique pool float that measures 80” in length, the flamingo pool float by Teddy Shake is intended to provide customers with an incredible on-the-water experience that turns pool time into unforgettable memories. Funny and quirky, the flamingo inflatable is also considered by many to be one of the hottest hit products on the market currently.

“This product launch is incredibly important for us,” explained company spokeswoman, Bailey Anderson. “Teddy Shake’s dream has always been to make fun and innovative products that will give people unforgettable experiences… We just want our customers to have fun. And we know our new line of pool floats will do just that.” Teddy Shake’s pink flamingo inflatable also sports a light pink dye on the vinyl composite that naturally deflects sun light, keeping the inflatable flamingo pool float cool in the hot sun.

The product is well suited as a gift (especially with Christmas quickly approaching) for anyone at any age who desires to have fun in the ocean, beach, river, lake, or pool. Many professional photographers have already used Teddy Shake’s flamingo pool float to capture the fun in the sun that so many people have had with the pool float. Shipped from Amazon in a 6.7-pound package, the giant inflatable flamingo float is officially available on Amazon at $36.99 with free shipping on all orders greater than $49.00.

On Amazon.com, shoppers can now enjoy One Click Ordering, a secure shopping cart, and verified purchaser reviews.

About Teddy Shake: “Relaxing like a Bahama breeze and as fun as a surfing a Hawaiian wave; Teddy Shake makes the world’s most relaxing, fun, and quirky pool floats for you. With constant R&D and innovative thinkers working to make the most incredibly pool floats possible, we want nothing more than for you to have the time of your life.”

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