Flamenco Guitar Tab Books & Instruction DVDs Arrive At Chord Melody Guitar Music

A new collection of flamenco guitar tab books and instruction DVDs teaching all of the various aspects of flamenco guitar playing has just arrived at Chord Melody Guitar Music.

Chord Melody Guitar Music announces the arrival of an extensive new collection of flamenco guitar instructional DVDs and flamenco guitar tab books. All of the important techniques involved in playing authentic flamenco guitar are thoroughly explained including rasqueados, tremolos, arpeggios, picados, slurs, chords, scales, and modes. These physical playing techniques are taught by using falseta variations from many of the traditional flamenco guitar forms like Soleares, Alegrias, Farrucas, Tangos, Bulerias, Fandangos, Malaguenas, Tarantas, Siguiriyas, Granainas, and Columbianas.

This new collection of flamenco guitar tab books and DVDs not only teaches all of the physical techniques necessary to play real flamenco but also explains the theory and harmony concepts involved in understanding how and why flamenco music is constructed the way it is. Aspiring guitarists are also provided with full length flamenco guitar pieces that have been transcribed note for note from famous recordings by Sabicas, Carlos Montoya, Juan Serrano, Paco De Lucia, Manitas De Plata, Serranito, Tomatito, Mario Escudero, and Juan Martin. Students are able to watch entire solos being broken down and explained one measure at a time from beginning to end on the instructional DVDs.

Peabody Conservatory trained guitarist Steven Herron who is also the president of Chord Melody Guitar Music recently commented “Flamenco guitar music is the only totally unique form of music to be played on guitar and the only form of music that cannot be played on any other instrument but guitar. As a guitarist myself, it is incredibly cool and exciting to see all of the intricate techniques involved in playing flamenco guitar being explained in slow motion while at the same time also learning authentic flamenco guitar solos as they were played on famous recordings!”

Chord Melody Guitar Music has always offered a large inventory of guitar courses for all of the various styles of guitar music including jazz, blues, country, classical, and rock. Their current courses consist of book/CD combinations and book/DVD combinations as well. This new collection of flamenco guitar tab books and DVDs makes it possible for guitarists all over the world to learn authentic flamenco guitar solos in a very detailed approach. Having all of the guitar parts written in tab notation for those who can’t read music as well as having split-screen presentations on the DVDs that show both the right and the left hands up close at the same time make this new collection an effective course of study.

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