FL ADA Website Compliance Accessibility Optimization Tools Launched

MobileLocalSocialUSA has recently updated its ADA compliance services in Apopka, Florida to help clients ensure their websites have full disability access to avoid potential lawsuits.

MobileLocalSocialUSA in Apopka, Florida, has launched its updated services, which aim to help people who are looking to ensure that their websites are ADA compliant and accessible to disabled users.

More information is available at https://www.mobilelocalsocialusa.com/ada-compliance

The updated services announced by MobileLocalSocialUSA gives people the benefit of making sure their websites are disability-friendly as well as providing a guaranteed ADA certificate and year-round protection. Additionally, the services protect clients from potential lawsuits due to non-compliance issues, which can lead to fines and court actions.

As the use of the internet and online services increases, the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the American Disabilities Act now protects both physical stores as well as websites and applications. This ruling means that public-facing websites need to be accessible to people with disabilities concerning hearing, sight, cognition, and movement. The services from MobileLocalSocialUSA give people the benefit of having their website updated so that it is fully compliant to avoid potential lawsuits and fines.

Based in Apopka, Florida, MobileLocalSocialUSA uses a range of tools that their clients can benefit from that improve and enhance their website’s accessibility. The tools offered include a built-in text reader, keyboard navigation, blinks blocking, image descriptions, and display options for varying contrast enhancements. Furthermore, they provide an additional toolbar feature that allows people to use custom cursors, fonts, and highlighter options on a website.

All of the tools offered by MobileLocalSocialUSA meet all of the web content accessibility guidelines and ADA compliance requirements. By improving their websites’ accessibility, businesses also benefit from a larger customer base being able to access their website, which increases potential buyers and, in turn, the revenue attached to that market.

MobileLocalSocialUSA offers a range of services along with their ADA compliance offerings, such as PPR SEO, email marketing, and Facebook advertising. Furthermore, the company also offers a free health check for a client’s websites. A full range of their services can be found here https://www.mobilelocalsocialusa.com

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