Five Things Your Didn’t Know About The DoubleWild™ Hammock Release

Play Wild releases Five previously unpublished facts about its upcoming DoubleWild™ Hammock launch. Further information can be found at

Ahead of the launch of its new Two Person Outdoor Hammock, Play Wild is making public Five as yet unreleased facts about the DoubleWild Hammock set to go live Wednesday 10th June, 2020, which fans and consumers within the Outdoor Play for Kids and Adults space will find interesting…

The Five items include nuggets such as how:

The idea for creating DoubleWild Hammock came about after Play Wild had been looking to expand operations outside of backyard play to the outdoors and adventure niche. The company leadership saw an opportunity with camping hammocks where they could improve on other products in the market….

PlayWild has changed its branding for the outdoor range of products introducing a logo incorporating a wolf and mountain range motif.

The DoubleWild Hammock has been in development for the last 8 months and undergone various reviews and improvements along with rigorous testing. The development team consisted of 3 team members from Play Wild along with various industry experts and consultants. working on it. This goes to show Play Wild®’s commitment to top quality products and customer experience.

The Two Person Outdoor Hammock struck problems, when The DoubleWild Hammock almost didn’t make it to market in time for the summer due to delays in manufacturing caused by Covid-19. . The problem was overcome however the launch has been delayed somewhat but tenacity and commitment from the team has ensured the project completed in a timely manner.

The DoubleWild nomenclature given to the two person hammock is a play on the Double Wide term given to larger trailer homes combining that with the “Wild” from the PlayWild brand.

The heavy duty hammock currently comes in 6 color combinations including red/gray and the very popular rose-gold and gray.

Play Wild has done something different compared to other businesses in the Outdoor Play for Kids and Adults space and wanted to stand out by creating a superior quality, all in one solution. The hammock is huge and easily accommodates two adults, it uses much higher quality, lighter carabiners compared to other double hammocks on the market and also comes complete with its own set of hammock hanging straps. There is no need to purchase anything further to use the hammock.

The DoubleWild Hammock will be released as part of Play Wild’s greater plans. Play Wild’s ultimate plans are to encourage people to get active, enjoy and respect the outdoors.. It’s hoped this goal gains traction with the customer base and is an ongoing project.

Play Wild got it’s start when Founder Sarah MacDonald noticed a growing need products to encourage kids (young and old) to get active and enjoy the health benefits of being outdoors. The DoubleWild camping hammock was created to provide a need for a high quality, light weight outdoor hammock.. The founder has had 10 years experience in product development in a range of industries and niches in addition to outdoor equipment. prior experience in the Outdoor Play for Kids and Adults world. Mrs MacDonald decided to go ahead and launch the Play Wild brand in 2017 since when it has continuously grown.

Sarah MacDonald is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. We connect with our customers through online media, contests, videos and regular newsletter upates and releasing these little factoids ahead of the DoubleWild Hammock launch are what make a difference.”

DoubleWild Hammock is set to launch Wednesday 10th June, 2020. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

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