Five Minute Wellness Activities Challenge To Build Healthy Habits Book Launched

A registered dietitian has developed a 21-day challenge based on 10 simple wellness activities that can help individuals and groups improve their overall mental and physical health.

A longtime dietician has released a book that teaches a wellness challenge designed to decrease one’s stress levels and improve overall mood and health.

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Author Mary Ann Kalonick is laying out the mechanics of this new wellness challenge in her debut book The Glow Challenge: From Excuses to Healthy Habits 5 Minutes at a Time. According to her, she came up with 10 easy activities in the form of challenges that anyone can do with their friends, family, and coworkers.

The challenge works by performing the wellness activities listed on the book, with each task giving out a set amount of points. Whoever scores the highest within 21 days wins the challenge.

For example, eating well by means of having three meals per day using small plates corresponds to three points. A point is also given every time one drinks eight ounces of water, so one can get a maximum of eight points by following the “8 x 8 rule” of hydration.

According to Ms. Kalonick, the activities in the challenge aim to improve the areas that affect one’s health and happiness. By doing so, one can decrease their cortisol levels for stress relief, increase serotonin levels for better mood, decrease inflammation to lower the risk of disease, and manage blood sugar levels for weight loss and good health.

She said that the book was written for people who want to live healthfully but are being set back by daily life in reaching their goals. “Old habits die hard and new habits are hard to maintain,” she wrote, adding that it takes about 21 days to create a new habit.

Her solution is to build new habits that can change the brain’s neural pathways, which will then allow a person to perform these healthier habits instinctively. According to her, the more one does a behavior, the more the brain changes its pathways to accommodate that behavior.

The book has received many positive reviews since its publication. “The program suggested is straight forward and easy to follow,” said one verified reader on Amazon. “I believe that with the point system I will be more motivated to continue to build healthy habits as described in the chapters,” wrote another.

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