Five Interesting Facts From Dentist London About Invisalign By Sbenati Dentistry

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Sbenati Dentistry (dentist London Ontario) has released five previously unpublished facts about its orthodontic treatment "Invisalign". Further information on Invisalign teeth straightening, clear aligners and Invisalign cost can be found at

Sbenati Dentistry has today made public five as yet unreleased, interesting facts about its orthodontic treatment Invisalign, now available at Sbenati Dentistry, which fans and consumers within the Dentistry space should find particularly enticing.

Invisalign has quickly become a game changer in orthodontics and dentistry as a whole. Invisalign caters to many of the pain points of braces like appearance, visibility, comfort and lifestyle. These changes make Invisalign the treatment of choice, which is why Sbenati Dentistry only offers their clear aligners for teeth straightening.

The five items include nuggets like:

The aligners are removable. This gives patients the freedom to eat and drink whatever they want. This answers a common pain point of braces which involves restricting the diet and lifestyle. On top of this freedom, patients can also clean their teeth with ease due to the aligners removability.

There is a certain amount of time the aligners must be in patients mouth a day for optimal effectiveness and minimal treatment time. Patients must keep the aligners in for between 20 and 22 hours a day.

Patients receive different aligners to continuously apply the necessary pressure to achieve the desired movement. This is a contrast from braces where patients must visit their orthodontist and get the brackets and wires tightened. .

Patients receive a custom treatment plan as well. This plan is different for every patient and caters to the specific needs that must be addressed. The plan outlines how long treatment will take, how many aligner switches must take place as well as a digitally rendered image of the patients new smile.

Invisalign clear aligners apply controlled pressure. This pressure is applied consistently and methodically over the period of your treatment. The treatment plan allows for teeth to move into the exact position at the exact time.

Sbenati Dentistry got it’s start when Founder Dr. Halim Sbenati noticed a growing need for a truly invisible solution to braces which tackles many of the pain points of braces. With 6 years prior experience in the Dentistry world, Dr. Halim Sbenati decided to go ahead and start Sbenati Dentistry.

Dr. Halim Sbenati is quoted saying: “We like to do things to connect with our consumers and customers. Especially small things like sending out birthday messages and staying available for all of our patients needs, and releasing these little factoids even after Invisalign hits the market are what make all the difference.”

Invisalign has been live for 2 years. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

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