Fitter Den Announces 50% Discount On Their Signature Product: Bear Bands Resistance Bands Set

Fitter Den, Creator of Bear Bands Resistance Bands, has just announced a steep discount on their signature exercise training equipment. Their Bear Bands 4 band Resistance Set is now available at a 50% discount, through Independence Day Weekend.

Fitter Den, Creator of Bear Bands Resistance Bands, has just announced a steep discount on their exercise training equipment. Their Bear Bands are now available at a 50% discount, which will last until Independence Day Weekend. The bands, which are priced at $39.99, are now available for just $19.99 on the website. Customers are encouraged to get their quickly, before the bands sell out.

“Independence Day is a day of barbeques, drinking and fun”, says Tracy Hart-Woods Vice Presidnent for Client Happiness at Fitter Den. “Unfortunately, therefore, it is also a day of many calories! We have released our Beard Bands with a 50% discount to enable people to work out before our national holiday and feel less guilty about having that extra sausage or burger.”

Resistance bands can be used for a variety of different workouts, offering fitness and strength at the same time. The Beard Bands are 10? flat resistance stretch loops. It comes in a pack of four, with different resistance strengths. Furthermore, they are lightweight and highly portable, which means they can also be brought along. Indeed, many people will have them in their bags and take them into the office for whenever they have an extra minute. The resistance band set can be used by men and women alike to work on their core, arms and legs. They are often used in Pilates, Crossfit, P90x, Beachbody, Yoga, recovery, rehab and therapy. Indeed, the various reviews left on Amazon so far show just how popular this exercise training equipment is across a range of demographics.

“I just received my Bear Band resistance bands today”, says GP22. “What good timing! We have had yet another rainy “inside” day and the kids are about to burst with excess energy. When my Amazon package arrived, they were disappointed that it didn’t contain something for them. I told them we could all share. The kids, my husband, and I all tried out the different levels of resistance to find the right band. The whole family tried out the arm and leg exercises. I think there will be some sore muscles in the house tomorrow. We over did it a little today but have a plan for every other day use as a family. The bands are very sturdy by the way!”

Fitter Den stands behind their Bear Bands four piece fitness bands set, offering a full three year guarantee on their product. Furthermore, they have included a free online VIP club membership. The goal is to encourage more people to get healthy, even if they only have limited time available. And, at the current 50% price slash, the resistance band set could just be what people have been looking for in order to improve their overall health and fitness.

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