Fitness Trainer in Wilmette Explains How Somatypes Influence Muscle Gain

Fitness Trainer in Wilmette Explains How Somatypes Influence Muscle Gain. The amount of muscle that can be gained through strength training is largely determined by genetic factors, one of which is known as somatype. Somatypes are classified according to number of fat and muscle cells.

[ Wilmette IL ] The amount of muscle that people are able to gain through an effective strength training program is largely determined by genetic factors, one of which is body type, also known as somatype. People’s somatypes are classified according to the numbers of fat and muscle cells that their bodies contain. Fat and muscle cell quantities are important because they rarely change significantly during adulthood. Past the age of 18, people are not likely to lose fat cells, and may even gain more in extreme cases. On the other hand, the body can lose muscle cells with age if strength training is not practiced, but gaining them is uncommon.

Stated simply, people’s muscle and fat cell totals help to determine their maximum potential for change. Within these limits, all visible changes are simply increases or decreases in cell size.

The four basic somatypes are as follows: (1) Ectomorph – has few fat and muscle cells; (2) Mesomorph – has few fat cells and many muscle cells; (3) Endomorph – has few muscle cells and many fat cells; (4) Meso-Endomorph – has large quantities of both fat and muscle cells.

For mesomorphs, strength training produces a greater gain in muscle than it does for ectomorphs. Mesomorphs also tend to have more fat than ectomorphs, and are the kinds of people who can generally gain or lose 20 pounds through diet and strength training.

Endomorphs are unable to grow a great deal of muscle through strength training, whereas meso-endomorphs are. Meso-endomorphs have the most muscle mass of anyone who fits into one somatype. Examples of meso-endomorphs are linemen in football and World’s Strongest Man competitors.

Knowing about the existence of somatypes can be helpful for a number of reasons. For example, knowledge of somatypes further supports the idea that people should only compare themselves to themselves and not to other people who may have different somatypes.

The potential that an individual’s somatype offers is irrelevant without consistent diligent and strength training. Individuals can only learn where their ceiling is by working towards reaching it. Also, no matter what genetics indicate about a person’s physique, they need to remember that their actions with respect to diet and exercise are the most significant factors in improving their health and well-being.

Fitness training at The Perfect Workout helps clients of various somatypes achieve their ideal physique, and by increasing the amount of muscle tissue they are able to add, they become healthier and feel better.

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