Fitness Pro X University Dr Jay Herrera Texas Physical Therapist Report Launched

A new report focussing on exercise, sports and how much exercise is too much exercise has been launched. The report is ideal for anybody that likes playing sports, and loves exercising.

A new report has been launched focusing on exercise and how much exercise might be too much. Dr Jay Herrera goes into detail on how much exercise is healthy, how much exercise may be too much, and how the result of too much exercise can result in injury and other negative factors.

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Dr Jay Herrera is a Texas based physical therapist, and has been in the physical therapy profession for over 18 years. He earned the Associates of Applied Science as a Physical Therapist Assistant in 1998, and graduated in Health Science in 2003. Dr Jay Herrera then went on to graduate with his doctoral degree in physical therapy in 2006, where he started his lifelong journey with health, fitness and wellbeing.

The report states how sports professionals can very easily be overplayed and overexerted. This results in common injury and can also, rarely, result in the loss of career. However, there are also other factors relating to exercise and professional sports, such as the likes of marathon runners very rarely getting health issues such as heart disease. The report goes into detail on how these sports and types of exercise can possibly prevent the likes of heart disease, but also how over exercising can cause problems too.

One of the issues raised in the report is the question between which food item is better for people, and more specifically people who exercise regularly – fat or carbohydrate. There are various arguments for and against both dietary option and the report details these.

The report states: “People who have less fat in their diet have much more heart disease than the populations which eat a lot of fat and have very little heart disease. So the concept that heart fat causes heart disease is completely bogus. And finally it’s been realized — there’s a paper, a meta-analysis and that’s an analysis of all the studies that have ever been done and what it shows is this that there’s no evidence that your dietary fat is associated with heart disease whatsoever.”

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