Fitness Kettlebells Strength Training Workout/Gym Equipment Online Store Launch

Fitness Kettlebells has launched a new online store featuring a wide range of kettlebells and related health and fitness equipment. The store also released a guide detailing the five best ways to use kettlebells in a workout.

The newly launched website features kettlebells from multiple brands in a range of price points for individuals interested in strength training equipment. The e-commerce store also features a variety of related health and fitness products including weight machine accessories, dumbells, lat pulley systems, and more.

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As the use of kettlebells continues to increase worldwide, the recently launched website is a platform to compare different options in kettlebell fitness weights and related workout equipment. The store features tutorials and entry-level products tailored to individuals new to kettlebells while offering competition-level kettlebell sets. The store also sells masks, exercise bikes, weight benches, mini steppers, full elliptical bikes, roller wheels, and more.

Kettlebells are used to build muscular strength, in low-impact cardio workouts, and coordination and stability training. Early versions of kettlebells have been in use since at least the 18th Century and became popular throughout the United States in 1998. By 2020 there were more than 13.5 kettlebell users throughout the United States.

In addition to the newly released site offering a solution to sourcing quality kettlebells, the new e-commerce store also offers related items including home gym equipment, training support products, and more than 120 yoga-related accessories. The Fitness Kettlebells site also carries a range of skincare products, essential oils, and more than 70 styles of face masks.

Fitness Kettlebells features more than 30 kettlebell products. In addition to the standard cast iron one-handle kettlebell, the store features kettlebells with multiple handles, adjustable weight levels, and neoprene or vinyl coatings to prevent corrosion. In addition to the wide range of health and fitness products, the e-commerce site has started a blog to support customers in choosing and using top fitness products featured on the site.

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A spokesperson for the store noted: “Kettlebells are a fantastic alternative for strength training. Our new website was built with our clients in mind to be a useful resource when purchasing kettlebell fitness weights and related products.”

With the latest announcement, the California-based Fitness Kettlebells continues to expand its offering of kettlebells and related fitness products to customers in the United States.

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