Fitness Heart Health Food And Exercises For Better Living Blogs Launched

Fit by 50 Plus has released a series of blogs, centered around various aspects of fitness and health. They include cholesterol and caloric intake monitoring, heart-healthy recipes, among others.

Fit by 50 Plus, a relatively new fitness site, has announced the launch of a series of blogs. The site was founded to help educate, train, and empower people looking to take control of their health.

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The recently launched blogs comprise various topics that focus on different aspects of health and fitness. They include heart health food recipes, preparation for the second wave of the current pandemic, knowing one’s cholesterol numbers, and exercises for better health, among others.

The body requires energy for everything from thinking to blinking, and anything in between. This is according to the site’s most recent blog, titled “Calories In vs. Calories Out: 2 Things You May Not Know About Yourself That Could Change Your Life”.

This blog teaches readers ways in which they could calculate and keep track of their calorie levels and find out their resting metabolic rates. It also speaks about the math surrounding one’s calorie deficit, maintenance, and gain.

Among the recipes featured on the site are “Berries ‘n Dream” and “Strawberry Citrus Pecan Salad with Chicken”. As the name indicates, the first recipe comprises fruits from the berries family (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) and are paired with non-dairy whipped topping and chopped pecans.

The “citrus” recipe entails a combination of lettuce, strawberries, pineapples, mandarin oranges, chopped pecans, poppy seed dressing, and chicken breast, which is optional. Both blogs show a breakdown of the nutrition information for each recipe. The latter, however, is more detailed in informing readers on the benefits of the citrus pecan salad.

In the cholesterol-related blog, readers are informed on what cholesterol is, how it can lead to heart disease and factors that can affect one’s cholesterol level. As is the case with the “calories” article, readers are also introduced to ways in which their cholesterol levels can be calculated.

As is already known by a number of fitness experts and fanatics, abs are not made solely in the gym, but rather in the kitchen as well. This is reiterated in Fit by 50 Plus’ blog titled, “I’m in the Kitchen: Now How Do I Make Abs?”

In it, the writer reminds readers that no amount of sit-ups, reverse crunches or lower leg lifts themselves is going to produce the rock hard abs the athletic trainers and fitness models proudly share. The blog then goes on to show how the combination of keeping track of one’s caloric intake, controlling portion sizes, watching one’s carb intake, along with working the core muscles will produce the abs that one seeks.

Though the name suggests that the site was originally designed specifically for those at or near the age of 50, the concepts, tips and information shared in Fit by 50 Plus’ blogs have been helpful to people of all ages.

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