Fitness Expert Reviews New Year Fat Loss Workout

Chris Hines of Peak XV Fitness gives his thoughts on a best selling workout programme.

Chris Hines, a fitness expert from London, has reviewed in detail a very popular fitness workout on his blog. Hines who owns Peak XV Fitness has written an in depth review of the programme at the request of his customers and  newsletter subscribers.

He comments,” At this time of year we get lots of people asking us about recommendations for workouts and whether certain exercise regimes work. One protocol that keeps coming up is Turbulence Training.”

Turbulence Training is a body weight workout devised by Canadian Sports Scientist, Craig Ballantyne. It has many devotees around the world and is very popular on the internet. The workouts are based on high intensity body weight exercises that can be performed with minimal equipment.

Hines is a fan of the workouts and recommends it to his clients. He goes on to say,” Many of the exercises that make up Turbulence Training workouts we use at our boot camps. These exercises are great to use when you have limited space or time and we recommend them to our clients all of the time.”

To find out about more of the benefits of these types of exercises check out his review here:

Hines set up Peak XV Fitness five years ago with his brother Steve, who is a nutritional therapist. Along with being an online fitness resource Peak XV Fitness also run outdoor boot camps at multiple locations throughout the UK. The two brothers have over 35 years combined experience in the health and fitness industry and pride themselves on producing cutting edge workout and diet protocols for their clients.

Hines finishes by saying, “While we like devising and implementing our own fitness workouts, it doesn’t do any harm to borrow from proven sources. With this in mind we highly recommend the Turbulence Training workout to our clients when they ask us about it. It is a great programme that delivers fast and effective results.”

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