Fitness Center In Aurora Announces Marathon Challenge is Picking Up Steam

Aurora gyms have tough competition with Orangetheory's unique and effective fitness model, currently gaining popularity in the community.

Aurora, Colorado- Orangetheory Fitness has a different approach to fitness in Aurora. Their Gym, located in the Southlands area of Aurora has amazing events throughout the year include this month’s Marathon Challenge.

The innovative approach is aimed at folks from all walks of life. The Aurora Gym’s owner and operator, Reggie Williams had this to say about the popular program offered at Orangetheory in Southlands, “Whether you’re an athlete looking to cross train, or someone looking to take the first step toward an effective fitness journey or even someone who may be coming back after an injury, the fitness model at Orangetheory is for you. We recommend anyone who is looking to ‘live life all-out’ should book their first session today!”

The fitness center in Aurora says only 30 minutes of walking a day could help to improve mood, promote weight loss and even decrease the risk for chronic disease. These short moments of activity paired with the accountability of Orangetheory’s coaches and members might actually turn ordinary folks into what they call, “accidental athlete”, who are capable of doing things they might never think possible, such as finishing a marathon.

This formula is the intention of “Orangetheory programming”, according to workout design manager Caitlin Donato, she says the mix of endurance, strength and power sessions on the treadmill and in class will actually help to increase aerobic capacity as well as turnover and speed.

One of the goals of the Orangetheory Fitness model is to encourage members to meet their individual fitness goals including clicking the “up” arrow on the treadmill to go .1 or .2 mph faster with each class, walk or run more intensely for longer and recover faster from those efforts.

One Orangetheory member said he once dreaded the treadmill, and it’s now his favorite part of the class, the member joined Orangetheory Fitness in 2015 and attending regular classes. According to him he went from alternating walking and jogging to running a 10-minute mile and even plans to register for a 5K this year to test his skills on the road.

“Having defined goals like the marathon challenge and shared accountability with other members are things I really appreciate about Orangetheory,” he said.

Even experienced athletes can benefit from Orangetheory’s programming, as it truly is built for the fitness enthusiast in all stages of their journey.

For more information or to join any of Orangetheory in Aurora’s events contact the fitness center at (720) 791-3003 or check out the website

The business recommends any interested parties to stop in and check out the Aurora gym in person at 24300 E. Smokey Hill Rd Suite 134

Aurora, CO 80016

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