FitMyFoot Releases Comfort Insoles, Sandals, Designed with Arch Support in Mind

Foot wellness company, FitMyFoot released a new line of Comfort insoles and sandals designed to provide support and flexibility and reduce foot fatigue and pain.

Foot wellness company, FitMyFoot recently launched a Comfort line of Insoles and sandals for customers who aren’t ready for custom, but want more comfort and function in their footwear.

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FitMyFoot’s Comfort Insoles and Sandals are designed to provide support and flexibility where it is needed.

The Comfort line of products promote healthy and natural foot and ankle movement. The arch shape and measurements of the Comfort products are based on real-life measurements of tens of thousands of feet to provide a more precise fit. All products from FitMyFoot are rigorously tested and validated in the laboratory and by customers.

The insoles are available for those with higher and lower arches. Customers need only select their shoe size and arch height and the team at FitMyFoot will ship the insoles straight to their door.

Each Comfort Insole and Sandal is engineered with shock-absorbing heel cups, a premium quality moisture-wicking top layer, and a durable nylon shell for comfort and longevity. Customers can buy with added peace of mind knowing that the company has a reputation for high quality products.

Their options come in various design and color options, so customers can match their insoles and sandals to their style and personality. FitMyFoot also offers a Comfort Plus line with custom-fit insole and sandal options. Customers pick their footwear of choice and then upload their personal measurements using the company’s app. To ensure the best results, the FitMyFoot team has created multi-patented algorithms that digitally map each individual foot to create a unique 3D-printable file. The team then creates the insoles or sandals using 3D-print technology.

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