FisherITS Salesforce License Management as a Service (LaaS),Optimizes Agreements

As part of FisherITS drive to assist enterprises to drive cost reduction and optimize their software license agreements, FisherITS announces Salesforce License Management as a Service (LaaS).

Fisher IT Asset Consulting (FisherITS) has launched a new ‘‘License Management as a Service’ to support enterprises in the identification of how they can manage and lower their Salesforce licensing costs. This service is unique, as it enables organizations with large users of Salesforce, to be able to report enterprise user accounts, assign licenses, and software consumption across all their Salesforce Orgs and sites. One of the objectives of the service will be to not only cover the Salesforce licensing agreements, but also to manage any third-party product licenses that are integrated with the Salesforce instances.

FisherITS has created this service to provide a ‘rapid’ overview of the costs for the Salesforce enterprise; and to evaluate how technology married with the service, can optimize any organizations spend on a long-term ‘business as usual’ basis. FisherITS in-house SAM experts will quickly evaluate the compliance and savings in a one-time, risk-free analysis.

There are many large organizations who are facing 20-30 percent in additional costs for their ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) applications, such as Salesforce. This is usually due to the lack of management and control which is adversely causing ineffective usage; and therefore, impacting the costs of subscription contracts and licenses. This is especially the case when Salesforce is not being procured centrally and is being bought by individual business units.

The Initial audit will be a complete overview of an organization license agreement for Salesforce. FisherITS SAM Audit team will quickly evaluate the compliance and savings in a one-time, risk-free analysis. This service will therefore include the following scope:

· Identify users and active accounts for up to 30 Orgs.

· Identify users who are unknown in reference user lists (e.g. Active Directory).

· Identify inactive users including period of inactivity and date of creation.

· Identify users with accounts in multiple orgs.

· Learn about data quality issues.

· Understand the organizations current Salesforce Agreement versus the usage.

· Workshop presenting the results.

The customer then has the ability to extend this service as an ongoing Managed Service. Each month, FisherITS provides the customer with an update on the overall health of the Salesforce user usage; and the impact on their license subscriptions. FisherITS hope to support customers with the implementation of a monitoring tool; and for FisherITS to be able to carry out a scheduled ‘baseline’ of the Salesforce license position.

Stephen Waugh, FisherITS Client Director commented on this new Service: ‘Most organizations are growing their Salesforce usage and with the increased number of user accounts, we are seeing that each enterprise is increasing the amount of fees for service-components such as, premium services, or subscriptions. Therefore, what we are finding is that this compounds the amount of money spent and being wasted, because of the fact that these organizations are not managing dormant or unnecessary user accounts. This lack of optimization of their Salesforce license subscriptions, means that they are a number of enterprises that are inefficiently overspending on these agreements.’

If you wish to understand how these new services can help you reduce your risk and return on investment of managing your Salesforce estate then contact FisherITS. Website:

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