Fisher Engineering Chooses Delfoi for Easy Offline Robotic Welding Programming

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Besides FISHER'S core competencies strong partners are needed and Mach Machines, LLC is one of them. For information regarding a free Delfoi software download please visit the US-based office in Cincinnati, Ohio at;

Fisher Engineering is proud to be a part of Douglas Dynamics, North America’s premier manufacturer and up fitter of commercial vehicle attachments and equipment, and home to the most trusted brands in the industry. For more than 70 years, the company has been innovating products that not only enable people to perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively but also enable businesses to increase profitability.

Dedication to high-quality products and unparalleled service has been a FISHER® tradition from the start. A proven and a trusted company, Fisher Engineering has been producing snow plows, as well as hopper and tailgate-mounted ice control spreaders, in the coastal city of Rockland, Maine. FISHER’S industry-leading expertise has earned us a solid reputation among snow plow professionals, enabling their partners to help communities recover from weather events faster and remain safe.

Welding of Small Batches at FISHER® with Delfoi Support;

A robot is much more efficient than a human being, but welding workpieces in small and medium batches is often not beneficial as it requires manual teach pendant programming for robotic applications. That is why FISHER was looking for software that allows easy and quick programming of welding robots. To meet customer demands flexibility is crucial. The trend in the manufacturing of steel components is going towards small and medium-sized lots and shorter batch sizes.

After careful consideration, Delfoi’s software was chosen as best suited for FISHER. FISHER also likes the fact that Delfoi can work with FANUC, Panasonic, OTC, ABB, Yaskawa, and many other welding robot brands.

Robot programming of parts now only takes a few minutes, and small or customized changes are not a problem. It is also possible to switch the robot cell with components and be flexible in production. Thanks to the excellent user interface and programming tools the programming time was reduced and the availability of the robot cell was increased. Flexible manufacturing in the FISHER plant is now possible, which means that robot cells can be changed easily, even if different robot brands are involved. To see how FISHER has increased its competitive advantage view how Delfoi robot programming software works here;

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