First-Time Homebuyer Down Payment Options – Fund Raising Strategy Guide Released

The Gupta Realty Group of KW Realty in Cupertino, California, have released a guide designed to help first-time homebuyers achieve their homeownership goals. The guide highlights credit ratings, mortgage pre-approvals, and financial resources that can help cover down payments.

As the reality of homeownership becomes bleaker for the next generation amid inflation, high-interest rates, and a diminishing supply of affordable housing, Sharad Gupta has released his new guide, “How to Stop Paying Rent and Own a Home of Your Own”, to help prospective buyers learn how to enter the real estate game.

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As stated in the newly released guide, first-time buyers, particularly young adults, are struggling to generate enough income to sustain their monthly living expenses while saving for a sufficient down payment. Banks and lenders across the country have been implementing higher interest rates and “stress tests” that have increased the difficulty facing would-be homeowners.

According to recent surveys, an overwhelming number of participants indicated that their number one challenge wasn’t covering the monthly cost of a mortgage payment, but rather saving the money for a down payment on a home.

It is not unusual for the cost of a monthly mortgage payment, including property taxes, to be lower than that of a rental property of the same value. However, with some banks requiring as much as 20% down on a home, many first-time buyers are left struggling to come up with the finances on their own.

Without financial help from one’s family, generating a down payment can seem next to impossible. Gupta’s guide reveals several financial resources that new buyers can take advantage of to help overcome the down payment barrier. There are various government loans, grants, tax rebates, and other financial incentives that are available to first-time buyers.

Individuals with healthy credit ratings can often be approved for lower-interest loans from lenders that can be applied to their down payment, closing costs, renovations, and more.

Those with poor credit scores are advised to clear any outstanding debts prior to applying for a mortgage to increase their chances of approval and receive lower rates.

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For over 15 years, Sharad Gupta has been helping clients in the Bay Area build their personal wealth and achieve their real estate goals. With an extensive background in buying and selling residential and commercial properties, Gupta has the experience and network to get the best possible deal.

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