First Milestone Achieved For Innovative Cake Tin Product

Brand new cake tin, The Magic Baking Tin, has reached its first milestone where 50 customers have purchased the product.

After launching their innovative cake tin on Amazon UK earlier this week, The Magic Baking Tin have already begun to see orders roll in.

The brand have now reached their first product milestone – 50 customers have bought their product. To have 50 customers after launching their product on Amazon UK on Tuesday is an achievement for the bakeware brand.

The product is a cake tin that can be made into a variety of different shapes as it comes in pieces that can be slotted together. This product is brand new and is unlike cake tins that are sold in many cooking shops.

“Reaching our first 50 customers is very exciting.” said Mitchell, CEO of The Magic Baking Tin, “It’s taken us a long time and a lot of development to come to the point where we are selling on Amazon so we’re very glad that customers are willing to try our product.”

The brand hope that customers will continue to remain interested in their innovative product and that they will provide feedback that the brand can use to continually improve their new product.

“We really hope that our new customers will try our product and share it with their friends and family.” continued Mitchell, “Now that we’ve successfully launched our product and got our first 50 customers, this is the challenging period for us. We’re waiting to hear what our customers think of our product and we hope that their comments will be positive and constructive.”

The Magic Baking Tin is a family friendly product that allows the user to make 100s of shapes from just one tin. Alongside a variety of different shapes, the tin also makes conventional sized shapes (such as round, square and rectangular) too.

The Magic Baking Tin is now available from Amazon UK:…

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